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Extreme Bad Breath

We’ve had some of our patients tell us over the years that they’ve had close family members tell them that they had really bad breath, something they had not been aware of. They came to us looking for solutions and we were happy to offer them our professional advice. Interestingly enough, many people do not… Continue reading Extreme Bad Breath

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Saliva – Nothing to Spit at!

Why are we interested in your spit? Your medical information provides us with valuable information that may help us understand the conditions in your mouth. A review of your medical history can reveal that some of your medications, illnesses and therapies are affecting your saliva, which in turn, can have an impact on your dental… Continue reading Saliva – Nothing to Spit at!

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Improving Your Overall Health

It seems these days that more people than ever are trying their best to make wiser choices when it comes to a more healthy lifestyle. Personal social media sites are full of friends sharing healthy ideas concerning our food, exercise, grocery shopping, food labelling, relationships, minds, etc... We know that happiness and healthiness is important to our… Continue reading Improving Your Overall Health