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Dental Implant Procedure

Dental Implants are modern dentistry's highly successful, long-lasting, and natural-looking substitute for missing teeth or for supporting dentures. Dental implants actually fuse directly to your jaw bone becoming one with your living bone structure. In doing so, implants help to maintain your jawbone - which would otherwise begin to disintegrate once your tooth is removed. What are Dental… Continue reading Dental Implant Procedure

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Are Implants Right For Me?

It's hard to believe but dental implants are not the new, they have been around for over 50 Years! Where people once chose more traditional options such as bridges or dentures, today, they are now more likely to opt for dental implants to replace one or more missing teeth or to support dentures. This is by… Continue reading Are Implants Right For Me?

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Here Comes the Day…

  You may not even realize it, but the wedding season is well under way!  Since January, vendors have been busy showcasing their products and services at Bridal Shows across the province and the snow and frigid temperatures did nothing to dampen the spirits of the brides, grooms and guests attending these events. Planning the perfect… Continue reading Here Comes the Day…