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I just got my braces off and my teeth are straight, but now I have white spots on my front teeth!


Unfortunately, these spots are permanent damage to your teeth and are areas of decalcification where bacterial acid have dissolved the enamel during orthodontic treatment.

Did your dentist alert you to these  spots during treatment?

Typically, they do, when these spots initially begin to appear. They may warn you to start brushing better and may have mentioned the word “decalcification.” They obviously become more visible once ortho braces are removed and the look, texture and size of these spots will depend on the degree of severity.


The Battle

14-02-2017-3-27-12-pmWhen bacteria metabolize the sugars you ingest they excrete an acid onto your tooth surface. This acid is capable of breaking down the tissues that make up your tooth. Your saliva is rich in essential minerals and is the body’s natural way of repairing the damage from these “acid attacks”, but sometimes, the demineralization far outweighs any remineralization that the saliva can accomplish.


When this occurs, the tooth area in question begins to lose it’s shine and takes on a chalky, rough look due to surface etching.  The amount of enamel surface lost over time can be considerable enough to not only cause a very defined white spot, but it can eventually become deep enough to result in an actual cavity. Tooth decay after braces is not uncommon; it occurs far more often than you would think. Some patients have to have their orthodontic treatment stopped and the braces removed because their poor oral hygiene is causing so much damage!


2017-14-322Brushing your teeth effectively when you have braces on can be a challenge because food debris and plaque accumulate in, around and under the orthodontic bands and brackets making removal difficult. Extra effort is needed to make sure you are getting your toothbrush into all the nooks and crannies where food and plaque can hide.

Your orthodontist will recommend various orthodontic tooth brushing aids to help you accomplish this more easily. And since braces are typically worn for several years, this extra care is essential to keep teeth and gums free from the harmful effects of dental plaque.


“If you were not diligent about brushing your teeth before braces, you may find the new dental hygiene routine with braces very demanding”



20170214_110957You Get What you Give


A frank and honest discussion with your orthodontist before treatment begins is a very important step. Knowing and understanding the pro and cons of treatment will help equip you with all the information you need to make an informed decision before considering braces.

Cleaning your teeth will not be the only battle you may face with braces, but like anything in life – the effort you put forth is an indicator of the value you place on your smile and your interest in having healthy teeth.


Nothing worthwhile ever comes easy…

Having nice straight teeth with an ideal bite makes for a beautiful smile. However, if they are marred with these permanent white spots or riddled with cavities it can affect your smile for years to come, so you’ve really just traded one dental problem for another.

Treatment Options?

Getting rid of these white spots depends on the severity and can include one or a combination of these options:



Remineralization – Your dental professional can place a mineral rich solution on the affected areas to try to minimize the damage, strengthen the weakened area and restore some of the essential minerals back onto the tooth surface. This is only effective when the damage is not severe.


Whitening – The white spots are noticeable because they are whiter than the normal colour of enamel. Tooth whitening procedures can help lighten your natural tooth colour to a shade that is closer to that of the white spot. The long term effectiveness of whitening depends on how easily your tooth picks up staining. It is considered a temporary solution because it usually has to be repeated as needed and you will come to know how often your situation demands.


Microbrasion – If the surface damage is very minimal, there is a procedure that essentially “sands”  or rubs away the white spot with a fine rock/acid mixture until the underlying natural enamel is exposed. Different people have different variations of thickness to their tooth enamel, so this technique depends on how deep the dentist must go to reach new enamel.


Fillings – If the white spot is too deep then your dentist can “scoop it out” using the drill and replace it with a white filling material that most closely matches your natural tooth shade.


Dental Veneers – Dental veneers are very thin porcelain coverings for the front surface of your teeth. They are a quick and easy way to hide marks and discolouration of the enamel. This procedure is generally advised when the other options have been tried already or the spotting is too widespread.


Straightening Things Out

Your home care can dramatically minimize your health care risks during orthodontic treatment. Following the tips below will help ensure that when your braces are removed you are putting your best SMILE forward!.


  • Brush 3 x/day carefully and effectively
  • Use orthodontic cleaning aids
  • Choose water over sugary/acidic drinks
  • Stay away from highly acidic, sugary and sticky foods
  • Use a fluoride toothpaste
  • Rinse once/day with an antiseptic mouth rinse
  • Maintain regular dental checkups
  • Ensure that your orthodontist is examining your teeth for signs of decalcification
  • Avoid snacking in between meals



At Your Smile Dental Care, we cannot stress enough the importance of proper home care for everyone. This is especially true when you are undergoing orthodontic treatment and have braces that can trap food and plaque easily. By raising your awareness and taking the time and effort to implement the tips above into your daily routine you will be making a great investment in your future SMILE!



Yours in Better Dental Health,
The Your Smile Dental Care team,
(905) 576-4537
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Top Dental Cosmetic Improvements

Today’s Smile Options

Dr. Sam Axelrod and his team of caring dental professionals believe Your Smile should not only be healthy, but one you can be proud of! One of the best ways to boost your self confidence is with a great smile!

Having a beautiful smile is easier than ever thanks to the amazing cosmetic advancements over the past 10 years. What was once considered a luxury that only the wealthy could afford, is now easily attainable for everyone of all ages!

Teeth Whitening

What could be easier than giving your tired teeth a little smile lift with tooth whitening? Many people are skipping the more expensive in-office bleaching and opting to brighten their teeth in the privacy and comfort of their own home in as little as 1/2 hour a day. The new advances in formula can eliminate stains and discolourations in as little as 3 days! There are even new toothpastes formulas that you can purchase that will help your new smile stay brilliant for longer than ever now. Our patients love having their very own custom-made tray and being able to buy extra whitening gel at cost and have the luxury of touching up their teeth as needed throughout the year! White teeth have never been easier than this!


White Fillings on Molars

Have a wonderful big smile or just love to laugh out loud? There are so many white filling options available that you should be saying goodbye to your old silver amalgam fillings. Tooth-coloured fillings are typically made of powdered glass and acrylic resin and are available in many different shades of white. Your dentist will colour match so that it will be almost impossible to tell the difference between the filling and your natural tooth. Get ready to lol with confidence!



Now you can have that special bond with Your Smile that you’ve always wanted with a technique called just that – Bonding! This composite white filling material can help improve your appearance and your smile when used to fill in gaps between teeth, fix small cavities, repair chips or cover up root surfaces that can become exposed due to recession and toothbrush abrasion. Best of all, this can be done in a single office visit that usually requires no anesthetic freezing.


Gum Re-Contouring

Maybe its not your teeth that you’re unhappy with. Some people have gum tissue that is situated too high, too low or is uneven affecting the appearance of their smile. We can reshape the gumline so that it complements your teeth and frames your gorgeous smile using a simple, virtually painless, in-office sculpting technique. Want harmony and balance with Your Smile? Ask your dentist if you are a candidate for gum contouring surgery today!


Teeth Re-Shaping

Perhaps, you already love your smile, but have always thought your teeth should be a bit shorter or slightly more even in size. Just as gum line can be reshaped, so too can teeth that only need very minor cosmetic changes. You’ll get instant results in one short appointment without the need for anesthetic freezing.



When you are not a candidate for dental veneers due to heavily damaged or restored teeth, you may still have the option to cap your teeth to get the smile you’ve always dreamed of. Not only can dental crowns change the shade, shape, position and colour of your teeth, but they are comfortable and function just like your natural tooth crown. Better still, with proper care, there can last for many years to come.


Dental Implants

Dental implants are changing the way people live. They are designed to provide a foundation for replacement teeth which look, feel and function like natural teeth. Once the implants are completed, one gains the ability to eat virtually anything and allows one to smile once again with confidence. With current technology, most implants are actually much stronger than the teeth they are replacing. Bring you beautiful smile back with Dental Implants!



Porcelain veneers may be the perfect solution for your imperfect solution. We can whiten, lengthen, realign or reshape your smile using these strong, but ultra-thin shells of porcelain that eill blend seamlessly into your existing smile. This long-lasting option will have you smiling ear to ear.


Accelerated Braces

Want straight teeth but can’t put in the 2-3 year time commitment? Ask your orthodontist about a new and emerging type of orthodontic treatment called accelerated  orthodontia. This is a tooth movement method that greatly reduces the amount of time needed to move teeth into a more correct position. You will  likely have to attend the same amount of appointments as you would during the longer, conventional span of treatment but in a shorter time frame. Ask your orthodontist if this is an option for you!


Modern Dentures

No longer should you have to worry about loose, poor-fitting dentures when today’s modern, implant-supported dentures are available to you. You’ll get increased stability while still being able to remove them like traditional dentures. It’s time for you to smile, laugh, chew and blow out birthday candles with confidence!



Everyday, at Your Smile Dental Care, we transform smiles and restore confidence. Each patient’s mouth is unique, so we carefully consider all of the treatment options to determine together what will give you the smile you deserve. If you would like to learn more about Your Smile options, give us a call at (905) 5SMILES or book a consultation online today!


Yours in Better Dental Health,
The Your Smile Dental Care team
(905) 5SMILES
(416) 783-3533

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Protecting Your New Smile!

When You Smile, We Smile!

25-01-2016 1-10-24 PMIt’s a wonderful day when you finally get the new smile you’ve always dreamed of. It’s a great feeling for us at Your Smile Dental Care as well. Nothing is so satisfying as seeing gratitude in a patient’s smile; it’s a feeling that never gets old!

Over the years, we have helped thousands of patients improve their smiles. For some, it’s can literally be a fairy tale come true when a cosmetic dental makeover has improved and transformed their smile dramatically!

There are many reasons why people improve their smiles. They may not like the size, shape or arrangement of their original teeth. They may have injured or diseased teeth that need restoring or they may just want to turn back time on an aged smile. In many cases, the flaws people see in their smiles may not negatively affect their oral health, but they can still have a real and lasting impact on their confidence and self-esteem.

Protect your Investment!

04-11-2014 2-04-12 PMOral hygiene
When practiced conscientiously and often, caring for your teeth can not be stressed enough. Dental materials can not decay, but your underlying tooth still can! Where your own tooth meets the cosmetic material is the areas that are most susceptible to cavities. We monitor these areas closely when you come in for regular recare visits. Your careful attention at home with tooth brushing and flossing will protect your investment for years to come.

 Aside from oral hygiene, your diet has the greatest impact on the health of your teeth. Snacking too often in between meals and sipping sugary drinks are the leading cause of cavities today! It takes 4-5 hours in between your meals for your saliva to heal the surfaces of your teeth after the acid attacks from eating. Respecting this time and the your body’s natural defence against cavities will go a long way in helping prevent tooth decay.

02-06-2014 11-14-48 AMWe want you to brush your teeth, but NOT brush them away! Abrasives are harsh enough to wear away surfaces. Over time (sooner than you think), highly acidic diets, hard toothbrushes, harsh toothpastes and powders, high-powered cleaning jets (home and professional) and acidic-based fluorides can scratch and erode the lustre, shine and even colour of cosmetic materials and roughen their surfaces. Rough and pitted areas pick up stains, food debris and plaque more easily. What may look bright, shiny and smooth today will become dull, pitted and stained tomorrow!

Gum Recession
Your dental cosmetics will be designed to fit up against the living tissues of your gum. Your gum tissue can shrink and wear away over the years because of plaque/tartar accumulation, harsh scrubbing actions with a toothbrush, and abrasive tooth pastes. When this happens, a tiny gap can appear. If the gum continues to recede, this gap can become markedly more noticeable and the underlying, more sensitive root surface can also become visible. Your dental hygienist will help you find a healthy balance between brushing them in a manner that stimulates good blood flow to their tissues and removes accumulated food and plaque while being gentle enough not to destroy and wear your gums away.

Alcohol is a solvent which makes it capable of dissolving certain materials. Excessive alcohol consumption and over using alcohol-based mouth rinses can affect the longevity of dental cements and white filling material used in cosmetic dental work by softening and dissolving them. Deterioration can cause the bond between the cosmetic work and the tooth to dissolve and can roughen the surface of white fillings making them appear dull looking and more susceptible to staining.

Nail Biting copySome habits  die hard. Those that can cause the chipping and breaking of your new teeth are worth spending time to control today rather than having your beautiful new smile repaired tomorrow. Try to avoid habits like nail biting, pencil chewing, opening items with your teeth and using your front teeth to do the grinding and chewing of molars. If you clench and grind your teeth, your dentist will certainly recommend wearing a night guard to protect your new teeth from these dangerous stresses and forces.

21-03-2016 3-18-58 PM
Impact sports and rough activity can cause injury to the mouth, but simple play can too. While no one can predict an accident we can help prevent them by reducing the risks. Protective head gear and dental guards are significantly less expensive than the cost to repair broken and injured teeth. Before play, take a look at the surroundings, know and understand the rules of safe play and consider all that could cause potential harm before play begins.

Long Term Success

It has been our experience that patients with cosmetic dental treatments tend to take much better care of their teeth once they’ve invested in a new, beautiful smile. And while the materials used in dental cosmetics are durable and long-lasting, if they do require some repair down the road, most mends are relatively easy to fix as long as your dental team catches it early. That is why regular check-up are so vitally important to the long term success of your new smile.

And remember, fads will come and go, but teeth are always in style. Take care of them and they will serve you for years to come!

30-03-2015 1-04-02 PM

Yours in Better Dental Health,
The Your Smile Dental Care Team
(905) 576-4537
(416) 783-3533

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White Spots

Q: I have two white spots on my upper front teeth that I’ve had my whole life. I’ve tried bleaching with teeth whitening products, but they’re still there. What can I do to get rid of them?

Turners Tooth
There are a number of circumstances or conditions than can result in areas on the enamel that appear markedly whiter than the rest of the enamel. The photo above clearly shows a distinct round dot that is typical of a condition know as Turner’s Hypoplasia. It is the result of a childhood trauma to the mouth that disturbed the enamel development of an adult tooth as it was forming in the jaws at the time of accident.

09-11-2015 3-57-36 PMInjury to a child’s mouth can occur quite easily especially when they are beginning to crawl/walk and explore the world around them. Ten permanent (adult) teeth develop in the jaw bone immediately below the ten primary (baby) teeth that they will eventually replace. Even though you cannot see the adult teeth, injuries to the baby teeth can affect the health and development of these important replacement teeth.

If, during a fall, the child’s mouth is injured, one of the primary teeth may make contact with the facial (and sometimes the palatal) side of an upper front permanent (adult) tooth with enough force to interfere with the cells that are forming the adult enamel on that particular tooth. Injuries such as this usually occur before three years of age.

The disturbance can result is a round whitish, sometimes yellowish spot in a specific location which corresponds to where the baby tooth “banged into” the adult tooth and mineralization was impaired before it was completely finished forming. This spot is visible when the adult tooth comes into the mouth and usually affects only one tooth in the mouth.

Diagnosis and Treatment

There are other causes of Hypoplasia that can leave the enamel weak and more susceptible to the cavity process. If the size and depth of the spot is minimal, it can usually be fixed quite easily. The dentist will first identify and determine the cause of the white spot, ensure that more teeth aren’t affected and that it isn’t an indication of a more serious condition. If the area of concern is only cosmetic in nature there are two common remedies:

Microbrasion – If the affected area of the enamel is very superficial in depth then a conservative procedure called microbrasion can be done. A very minute layer on the affected enamel is removed using an acidic/abrasive mixture with some products having a bleaching agent added to their formula. The amount of enamel that is removed during microabrasion is minuscule and unnoticeable, however, there is a risk that the resulting thinner more translucent enamel may allow the darker coloured dentin to shine through causing the new surface colour to also appear darker. If your dentist is planning on adding a whitening procedure to this treatment in an attempt to better match the affected spot to the same colour as your natural tooth shade, they may decide to wait several weeks since it takes this long for surface remineralization to occur.

Filling – If the damaged enamel penetrates further into the tooth then the area can be fixed with a tooth-coloured resin filling material. Your dentist will choose a shade of enamel coloured dental filling material that most closely matches the white shade of your natural tooth. The white spot will be removed and replaced with this dental material then buffed to a high glossy finish for a natural-looking, glossy sheen.

Turner's Treatment
– If the tooth is spotted with several larger areas of discolouration, yet the integrity of the tooth’s crown is still very sound, then a matching porcelain dental veneer can be place over the entire frontal portion of the tooth somewhat like a false nail is attached to finger nails.


22-12-2014 12-03-57 PMIt is important to understand that there are other, more serious reasons for white spotting on the teeth that are not just a matter of cosmetic concern, but a problem that can leave the enamel susceptible to further damage and deterioration.

Oftentimes, parents do not realize that their child has sustained a dental injury until obvious signs and symptoms appear such as an infectious gum boil, loose tooth or darkened enamel. Some dental injuries, if left untreated, can lead to damage of the developing adult teeth.

If your child has sustained an injury and you suspect that it may have affected one or more of their teeth it should be evaluated by your dentist as soon as possible.  An examination will determine the severity of the injury, if immediate treatment is necessary or if it is a situation that should be monitored.

Our smiles are important to us which is why even small imperfections on our teeth can be bothersome. As the demand for perfect smiles continue to increase, so do the improvements in dental materials and techniques making it easier for us to restore Your Smile.  In fact, it’s a simple as a call to (905) 5SMILES. 🙂

Yours in Better Health,
Dr. Sam Axelrod and Associates
(905) 576-4537
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Porcelain Veneers

Improving the Look of Healthy Teeth…

20-10-2014 1-09-38 PMWhen our patients first see their new dental veneers before placement they are surprised at how thin and delicate they appear. We often describe them as being similar to false fingernails.

They are very thin, aesthetically pleasing fabrications that are bonded into place to change the appearance of reality.

The tooth is prepared in such a way that a thin, custom-made porcelain veneer can be bonded on. The dental veneer fits on precisely and leaves only a very small gap for the composite resin cement. This cement is very similar to white filling material, and essentially, it bonds securely to the veneer and the facial side of the tooth fixing the dental veneer into place.

Veneers can be of any shape, size and colour and can be used to effect numerous changes in the appearance of the natural tooth. Once in place they look just like natural teeth – only better!

Below is a photo of one of our patients who had eight (8) porcelain veneers placed on her upper front teeth to create a fuller, younger look. 

Before and After

This patient presented with not only very crowded looking teeth with the upper lateral incisors tucked in behind the other teeth, but with a very narrow looking smile and a poorly restored broken lower incisor. Treatment consisted of at-home bleaching followed by the fabrication of a lower all porcelain, zirconium based crown and eight upper porcelain veneers to not only smooth off the crowded appearance, but also to achieve a wider looking smile. The metal fillings in the back were replaced with composite resin natural looking fillings. All this was accomplished in 2 appointments 1 week apart.

Why Veneers?

Dental veneers are a much more conservative option than dental crowns and a quicker option than braces that can take years of treatment.

If you have already spent too many years thinking about improving smile and boosting your confidence do yourself a favour and schedule a consult exam today. Choose a dentist who has had many years of experience not only with veneers, but with many forms of smile improvements that fall under what is commonly referred to as cosmetic dentistry.

Dr. Sam Axelrod has over 25 years of experience with porcelain veneers – long before most people ever heard of them. In fact, believe it or not, so new was this revolutionary idea that when we did our first case many years ago, we had to have them fabricated in California. Since then, we have helped hundreds of patients get the smile they have always wanted and deserved. Have a look at our Smile Gallery  for more great Smile Makeovers.

Yours In Better Health,

Your Smile Dental Care team


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