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Simple New Year’s Resolutions to Shape Up Your Smile!

At Your Smile Dental Care, we’re here to help make your New Year’s resolutions more attainable and get your healthy smile ready for the whole year! Here’s a few tips that can help improve your oral health, and in turn, your overall well being during 2020 and beyond:

  • Visit your dentist regularly  Dental care can sometimes be put on a back burner. Life gets busy, but delaying or procrastinating with your health care needs can lead to more costly, complicated conditions and their treatment.
  • Eat Less Sugar  We’ve repeatedly heard about the connection between sugar and tooth decay. Sugar provides a food source for bacteria that reproduce quickly and attack tooth surfaces through acid erosion. Cutting back on sugar and snacking are two habits that  your overall wellbeing will thank you for.
  • Break Bad Habits  There are some bad habits that can do some long-term damage to your oral health such as snacking all throughout the day (including sipping drinks other than water), smoking, vaping, dental neglect, opening packages or containers with your teeth, grinding, clenching – all these thing increase your risk for disease, wear, bad breath and broken teeth. Additionally, we all can fall into poor habits, even with oral care, so be sure to ask your dental healthcare provider if you’re brushing properly,
  • Brush and Floss regularly  This is the easiest resolution to make and carry out, and it has some of the greatest payoffs. Brush twice a day and floss at least once. We often leave out flossing, but it helps to remove plaque and food matter that have accumulated in areas that your toothbrush can’t reach. If you find it difficult to reach your back teeth when flossing then start with a flossing aid until you get the hang of it.

Make 2020 a Happy, Healthy Year!

Whether it’s improving tooth brushing habits or completing dental treatment, wellness resolutions are always in season and the benefits of setting goals can be rewarding and motivating. Remember to make resolutions attainable by taking baby steps to achieve them.

Get a head start on a healthier 2020 for you and your family! Schedule an appointment with us, call (905) 5SMILES today.

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