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The Most Preventable Dental Problem

Mouth guards are a Necessary Piece of Equipment

WatertubeThe great news is that the incidences of dental injuries attributable to sports related accidents are down in numbers due to the mandatory use of mouth guards in many children’s sports. However, we are still finding that there are many people that are still reluctant to wear sports guards. In fact, it is said that most athletes are likely to spend more money on their shoes than they do on protection for their mouth.

We had a patient (we’ll call him Jacob) that sustained an injury while water tubing. During his wild water escapade the other person in the tube became airborne and was knocked out of the tube. On the way out his heel made contact with Jacob’s mouth. When they finally came ashore, Jacob’s front teeth were throbbing in what he described as a pulsating feeling. Fortunately, neither his teeth nor jawbone were broken. We examined and x-rayed the area and found no evidence of trauma, but we will have to monitor his teeth over the next few weeks….months…years.

David was not so lucky…

16-05-2016 12-32-10 PMHe took a line drive to the mouth during an early season rep baseball game. He had just gotten his braces off a few weeks before and now presented us with lacerated gum tissue, a swollen lip and fractured teeth and jawbone.

At 13 years of age, we had to remove his upper adult front tooth and place bone graft material into the extraction site. A temporary tooth was attached to his orthodontic retainer until a dental implant can be placed in the area. Although his adjacent teeth were not broken, they will also have to be monitored for signs of  breakdown. The unfortunate thing about this particular case was the fact that his mother had been concerned about possible injury to his teeth since he had just gotten his brace off. Her suggestion to the coach and her son about wearing a mouth guard was met with resistance.

 Safety Doesn’t Happen by Accident!

16-05-2016 6-51-51 PM

You never know when or where an accident will take place. When we are engaged in physical activity, we may do all that we think is responsible in gauging the level of risk and the likelihood of injury, but accidents can happen suddenly and unexpectedly.

Sports guard are a vital piece of athletic equipment and we recommend that all athletes wear a mouth guard – child or adult. However, our mouths can sustain an injury during many every day actions also. We fall, turn our heads quickly, get elbowed, or  bite down the wrong way. Always be careful of the possibility for injury and assess the risks accordingly.

Don’t let your guard down…

24-08-2015 6-46-47 PMAnd don’t forget to sanitize your sports guard to prevent health problems of the mouth that can arise due to the accumulation of bacteria, fungi and yeast. After activity, we advise that you rinse your guard immediately after removing it from your mouth before placing it back in its container.

When you arrive home, take it out of its container and brush it with a soft toothbrush and tooth paste using light pressure. You do not want to create scratches and cracks in the guard by using a hard scrubbing action as bacteria can accumulate in these areas. Continue to clean it with antibacterial soapy water before giving it a final rinse with warm, clear water ensuring that there is no residual tooth paste in the crevices. Alternatively, you can rub the guard with some antibacterial mouth rinse before the final clear rinse. Be careful not to use water temperature that is too hot, since most guards can warp or remold when subjected to high temperatures.

The guard should be allowed to air dry in a safe, clean area as you would your toothbrush before placing it back into its clean container that has ventilation holes. Be sure to clean this container regularly using the routine above or placing it in a dishwasher.

You only have one set of permanent teeth ~ Protect Them!

16-05-2016 5-18-31 PM

The Your Smile Dental Care team
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Your first dental visit in a long time…

So, how long has it been since you have been to a dentist?
Lost count of the years?

We understand that for some people it takes a lot to finally walk through our doors. Fear is a great motivator in keeping people away from the dentist, but pain is often the catalyst that15-09-2014 10-07-06 AM moves even the most fearful of patients to take action.

If you are one of the Fearful, let us make this easier for you.

First and foremost, at Your Smile Dental Care, we welcome you with open arms and congratulate you for taking a positive and responsible step in the right direction. We are all about moving forward in our practice – no lectures, no scolding and, most importantly, no shame.

Shame is actually just as common as fear when it comes to avoiding the dentist. The thought of what the dentist will see when you open your mouth can be embarrassing, but understand this – we are professionals. This is what we do day in and day out. We fix teeth. We are healers. We treat you with the dignity and the respect you deserve and you should expect nothing less from caring professionals!

What you should expect on your first visit on the road back to dental health:

Urgent care

1. We will update your medical and dental history by having you fill out a questionnaire, so be prepared to bring an updated list of all of your current medications and physicians names/telephone numbers. If you require assistance or wish us to discuss this with you verbally – no problem.20140915_103718_resized

2. We will seat you in one of our treatment rooms and discuss the reason for your visit today.

3. We will perform a thorough examination of your mouth and teeth and record our findings in your chart.

4. Next, we will update any dental x-rays that are necessary for us to diagnose your dental problem.

5. Once we have concluded our overall assessment, we will carefully weigh all of the information before establishing a sound treatment plan. Sometimes, a patient comes to us with more than one issue in their mouth. We must then, with the patient’s involvement, establish a list of problems then organize and prioritize them according to the person’s immediate and long-term needs and desires.

6. We will then discuss your treatment options and alternatives with you and explain the advantage/disadvantages and risks of each.

7. We will present a general sequence of appointments necessary which we may adjust as treatment progresses and the conditions of your mouth are re-evaluated. We encourage you to ask questions and take some time at home to carefully weight all of the information we have presented to you.

8. Our friendly treatment co-ordinator will discuss fees with you and will assist you if you have dental insurance.

9. Oftentimes, we may be able to offer you same-day urgent care then schedule a follow-up visit to finish treatment or re-evaluate your condition.

General Check-ups

1. Steps 1-4 above will take place. Updated x-rays will allow us to assess the current state of health of your teeth and supporting structures (gums and jaws).

2. We will determine if there is any need for further treatment and discuss our findings with you. Again, we encourage you to ask questions to better understand your dental options.

3. When you see one of our hygienists for a dental cleaning/scaling, they will discuss your current home care regime and will offer you practical solutions to help you improve and maintain a good hygiene program at home.

“The Journey of a Thousand Smiles begins with a Single Step”

Not your grandparent’s dentist

There are many people who absolutely hate going to the dentist, but their fear of tooth pain/loss is far greater. That first step through the door is the hardest to make, but it is always a step in the right direction.

Over the years, we have seen many fearful patients. It has been wonderful to see them become much more relaxed and trusting in our care. There have been so many advances in dental technology and attitudes that you will be pleasantly surprised how much we differ from the dentistry you may have fought long and hard to forget.

And while we still may ask you that dreaded question, “Do you floss?”  we’re also just as likely to smile at your answer and hand you a goody bag full of dental swag – including floss. We know you’re probably lying between your teeth about flossing, but we’re still happy you came!

Yours in Better Dental Health,

The Your Smile Dental Care Team
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Tongue Cleaning

22-06-2015 4-24-16 PM22-06-2015 4-43-47 PMWe weren’t quite sure why Miley Cyrus started sticking her tongue a few years ago, but we did some research. Apparently, she has been quoted as saying that she gets embarrassed to take pictures so she sticks her tongue out.

Well, we have seen a few of the photos with her tongue out and it appears that perhaps she should be taking a little more care of it. The look of her tongue may reveal that she has not been cleaning it daily, and perhaps, even has some health issues related to it’s colour and thick coating.

Some online articles are suggesting she ‘put it away’ because of it’s unsightliness. So, in the off chance that she may read our blog, we’d like to remind her of  some important:

‘Tongue Facts’

Tongue Scrapers – A plastic tool that is specifically designed for tongue cleaning is called a tongue scraper and can be readily purchased at your local pharmacy. Pay close attention to the product’s instructions.

Oral hygiene – Although is may seem strange at first try, your tongue should be cleansed daily, ideally in the morning, either gently with a toothbrush or with a plastic dental tool. It’s a very easy habit to get into, and will, no doubt, make a big difference in how fresh your mouth smells and feels and your susceptibility to tooth decay and gum disease. You do not need to clean your tongue more than once a day. Brushing or scraping it too hard can damage your tongue. If it begins to bleed or you develop tiny sores/cuts then you are cleaning it too firmly. Lighten up and give it a few days to heal before you try again.

Normal vs .Abnormal – The normal appearance of the tongue is pink in colour, slightly moist looking  and has a slightly rough texture. However, it is also normal for your tongue to have a thin, white and moist coating. If you are cleaning your tongue every day and paying attention to it’s colour and appearance  if any unfamiliar looking discolorations, bumps or sores will be immediately noticed. If they do not heal of their own in a matter of a few weeks then you should seek medical/dental attention immediately so it can be evaluated further.

Geography – The top surface of the tongue is made up of ridges, small raised areas and hair-like fibres that are taste receptors, but who’s shape can also trap tissue cells, food and bacteria. It’s a major source of bad breath and it’s appearance can change depending on what you may have eaten and it’s health and your body’s state of health.

Unhealthy tongue – – If you suspect that your tongue is developing is developing a health, see your dentist or physician right away. There are a number of very health conditions and/or disease of the tongue that require immediate attention including cancer and fungal infections.

Eat Yogurt – There are hundreds of different species of bacteria in your mouth. Some good, some bad.The good bacteria in the mouth have specific jobs and it is important to not overdo it with cleaning and the use of mouthwashes and antibiotics. Eating yogurt can help restore good bacteria to the mouth environment.

Toothbrush vs. Tongue Scraper

22-06-2015 4-43-47 PMYou may find some articles that state that you should only use a tongue scraper and not a toothbrush (since they are designed for the smooth surfaces of the teeth and not the rough, fissured surface of the tongue). We are of the mind, however, that if our patients find it is easier to just use the toothbrush that they have in their hands already rather than have to grab another device, then we are not here to complicate matters further. Perhaps when they have become more accustomed to this addition to their daily oral hygiene routine, they may want to look at purchasing a tongue scraper.

It may surprise you, but tongue cleaning is not something new. It has been around for centuries and is more common among other regions of the globe. We hope it continues to catches on here in North America because who doesn’t want Fresher Breath?


Yours in Better Health,
The Your Smile Dental Care Team
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