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Home made Freezer Gel Packs

Wisdom Teeth RecoveryCold therapy can provide a surprising amount of relief by helping to reduce inflammation and numb a painful area.

But why use a frozen bag of corn when you can make several of your own home made gel packs using the instructions below? They will always be ready when you need them and will save you money!


07-09-2015 7-37-03 PM1. Fill the plastic freezer bag with 1 cup of rubbing alcohol and 2 cups of water.
2. Add food colouring of your choice (Optional)
3. Seal bag and gently squeeze/manipulate to mix contents well.
4. Open carefully and try to get as much air out of the freezer bag before sealing it shut.
5. Place the bag and its contents inside a second freezer bag to contain any leakage.
6. Leave the bag in the freezer for at least an hour.
7. Cover them in a soft tea or hand towel as direct application can be uncomfortable or even freezer burn skin.

These DIY gel packs will get cold but will never hard. They remain flexible so that you can bend or manipulate it to apply next to affected area on the body.  Every household should have these packs on hand for emergencies or when you just need some cold therapy to sooth tired and aching muscles.

Thanks for reading! Feel free to share this handy tip with someone who’ll appreciate it as much as we did!

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The New CPR

It’s now easier than ever to save a life!

New research published in the New England Journal of Medicine  reports on a Swedish study of 9000 witness arrests showing that just chest compressions alone – no mouth to mouth involved – literally increased the chances of survival as much as three fold.

A witness arrest is defined as a cardiac arrest that takes place in the presence of another person: the witness. The study found that just having someone there to perform chest compressions can improve survival rates dramatically.

This is good news for people who perhaps can’t remember everything they learned in their CPR class or took their instructions long ago. There is always an element of hesitation or fear that you are not performing the CPR to the letter exactly.

Essentially, it’s really a matter of proper location. When you know where the sternum lies and are pressing on the sternum hard enough you will keep the blood circulating and get blood to the brain.

If more people learned that they just have to do chest compressions when they are hesitant to place their mouth on another individual or can’t remember the breath to compressions ratios, then it may give them the confidence to act and act quickly.

Dr. Leif Svensson, coauthor of the study says, “If you don’t have the knowledge,
act anyway. You cannot harm anyone by doing just chest compression.”

No Need To Hesitate

So instead of standing around and feeling hesitant to act, you can possibly save a life by intervening and performing simple, but effective chest compressions on the sternum – 1 one thousand, 2 one thousand etc… (one per second) with no mouth to mouth and keep pressing fast until help arrives.

Even more good news is that the Heart and Stroke Foundation now has a ‘Learn at Home’ kit that you can order off their website. If you cannot register for a class, this will allow you and your family to learn the basics of CPR in the comfort of your home and re-enact typical scenarios.

This is an important message to get out and it is certainly a message of hope.

The researchers showed that bystander CPR before medical intervention arrives more than doubles the odds of the victim surviving a cardiac arrest.. In fact, the 30-day survival rate was highest when CPR was initiated within three minutes of a person’s collapse.

40,000 Canadians suffer from cardiac arrest every year in this country and over 1/2 of the incidences occur outside of the hospital. Unfortunately, this reduces the survival rate to only 10-15% and even less survive to a meaningful recovery. Statistics show that only about a third occur when someone else is there to see the cardiac arrest take place and can intervene.


Call 911 so that Emergency Medical Services can be activated and respond immediately. Also, using your cell phone and keeping it with someone close by will help responders find your location easier.

22-06-2015 9-41-13 PMOur staff recertifies their CPR every year and we have seen CPR guidelines change many times over the past 30 plus years. One of the best changes we have witnessed has been the ease of access and use of the defibrillator. Survival rates for cardiac arrest victims can exceed 90% if defibrillation is started in the first one to two minutes. You can find them in many public places now, including our office.

Although it is a good idea to familiarize yourself with the use of a defibrillator, it is actually designed in such a manner that anyone who can follow audio instructions can use it with ease and there are many Youtube Video that you can watch if you want to learn more.

Here’s to saving lives,
The Your Smile Dental Care Team
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50 Soft Food Ideas

Soft Food Recommendations

The process of chewing and swallowing foods is something we often take for granted until a situation arises that makes this everyday task difficult. Suggesting soft foods to our patients is commonplace for us; it is something we do everyday.

SmoothieBut let’s face it, there’s only so much soups and smoothies and jello one can eat before you want to scream. Imagine then, being faced with a situation where you or a loved one is forced to change to softer foods long term. From mouth sores to congenital abnormalities to age-related issues, there are many reasons why a person may have to modify the types of foods they enjoy.

And we sure enjoy our food. We look forward to our meals and want real food. Actually, there are many soft food choices that are limited only by our imagination and our ability to “surf the Internet”.

Who knows when or if you may ever have a need for the list below. We encourage you, however, to keep this list handy and use it as a starting point to create tasty and nutritious soft food meals of your own!

Soft Foods

Soft Foods To Avoid

Anything that can irritate or is small enough to become lodged into surgery site.
– Chunky or diced foods
– Nuts
– Pectins
– Too Hot (temperature and spicy)
– Too sharp (chips, tacos etc…)
– Straws

Great Ideas

22-06-2015 1-03-22 PMAdditions: You are limited only by your imagination when choosing toppings for your foods. Melt cheese over foods. Add feta, peanut butter, syrups, and sauces. 

Modifications: Many recipes can be modified to include more healthy, nutritious alternatives. 

Soups: Leftovers can be easily pureed into soups. Add to potatoes to thicken and water/milk/broth to help liquefy. 

Slow Cooked Goodness: Your slow cooker is great to really soften and moisten recipes.

Smoothies: A great way to add vitamin and minerals. Strain any pectins/pits through a cheese cloth. 

Sandwich it! Try placing what you just made between two slices of bread. If the crusts are too hard just remove them.

Blender Casseroles: Many recipes can be modified by placing the ingredients in a blender or food processor then baking as you would a casserole. Sprinkle with cheese near the end of cooking time.

Cereals: We all know how quickly cereals can soften in the milk if left for a few minutes. Do a careful crunch test in your mouth with the first spoonful just to be sure.


DIY Flexible Freezer Bags

Recipe for a flexible and reusable ice pack:

2 Cups of Water
1 Cup of Rubbing Alcohol (70% or 95% – the higher
the alcohol content the slushier the end product.)
Food Coloring (optional)
2 Ziploc Freezer Bags

Instructions: Mix the ingredients together and pour into a sandwich or freezer (Ziploc) baggie. You can mix in a bit of food colouring if you want. Remove as much air as possible and seal. Place this baggie inside another baggie for added strength. Place into freezer for about 12 hours.

And there you have it!
We hope that this list helps and is something you can print to always have on hand so you can be prepared in advance. Good luck and remember to always consult your own dentist or doctor so they can advised you further based on your own “specific to you” circumstances.

The Your Smile Dental Care Team
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