The Patient Experience, Your Smile Dental Care

The Patient Connection

Open Communication

09-02-2015 7-55-52 PMLong gone are the days when doctors and dentists had our absolute trust and blind obedience. Today’s patient is well informed and willing to take ownership for pasts neglect. They are looking for smile solutions and often come equipped with a considerable amount of knowledge that they have gathered from their own past experiences and/or from the online world of information.

Although social media has allowed dentists to engage with their patients like never before, for all it’s ability to educate and inform, there is still an element of glamorization that markets unrealistic expectations to the public. We all want happy, satisfied patients and their dental experiences to be as comfortable, positive and realistic as possible.

Dr. Sam Axelrod and his team of professionals firmly believe that the time they spend consulting with patients is definitely time worth spending.

“When we discuss treatment options with our patients we listen to their concerns and answer their questions in terms they can understand. Our efforts to communicate more effectively may demand more of our time, but it helps us to determine what our patient’s expectations are and form the type of partnership that fosters trust and mutual respect.”

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