Top Unrealistic Expectations of Dentistry

As the drill turns…

It’s a well-known dental phrase. In restaurants it may be, “As the grill turns” and in retail, “As the till turns” etc…

20-04-2015 9-21-03 AMThere can be a lot of drama in our spit and polish world. The sugar enemy is everywhere and we are always wrestling with our patients to blush and floss better. We get to have really cool high tech gadgets with blue laser beams and fight off cavities, and it’s assumed that we are all miracle workers possessing such Superhuman powers as x-ray vision, bilocation and the ability to tell the future.

Where a surgeon may get to ply his workmanship in an spacious operatory aided by an assistant surgeon and a team of nurses, on a sleep-induced patient –  the modern dentist still works the front lines of the miracle business performing their highly technical procedures in the confined spaces of the dark, saliva-drenched mouth where an attention-seeking tongue, who tries to thwart our efforts, lives.

Sometimes, it’s one adventure after another which makes our profession an exciting world and a source for endless blogging!

Armed with over 30 years of experience, we have gathered what we believe to be the “Top 10 Unrealistic Expectations of Dentistry.”  In this series, we would like to share some of the valuable insight we have gathered concerning the patient experience and their expectations.

In a perfect world, the outcome of every patient experience would, ideally, be a positive one. An experience where we could maximize patient expectations and minimize their disappointments and risks. Given that they often have little or no control over what their patients do to their teeth and body outside of the office, dentists are often held up to very high expectations.


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