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The Dirty Dozen – Top 12 Unrealistic Expectations of Dentistry Part 2

More often, we plan for this and get that. We are sold one thing then are offered another.

20-04-2015 2-45-15 PMOur expectations are deeply rooted in our belief system and it can become frustrating when we are being asked to align ourselves with something we weren’t prepared for.

When it comes to our health, the choice between expectation and reality can become a stumbling block to our care. A patient’s desires can sometimes be inconsistent with the level of health in their mouths. As healthcare providers, we are often faced with conditions that may appear straightforward to the patient, but in reality, are compromised by other issues and not such an easy fix.

We respect your power to choose even when we believe that the choice may not be the most favourable one. Your healthcare options are not like choosing a new kitchen or vacation that is offered to everyone. You have limited choices based the health condition of your mouth – not someone else’s.

We are in the Smile Business.  We want smiles on all of our patients. In an ideal world, we are able to choose the best level of care available without having to be limited by the constraints of finances, time or insurance benefits.

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