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9. Only treat what my insurance plan covers.


It is important that you know and understand your dental benefits. It is a very rare thing indeed that an insurance plan will cover 100% of all dental services available to patients with no cap on what they can spend. Insurance companies are meant to be profitable. They are a business and as such need to take in more premiums than they pay out in benefits. That is why there are limitations to most plans.

Insurance 1Insurance is a tool that is deigned to help offset some of the cost of your dental care not all of it. Your employer bought a dental plan based on what premiums were affordable to the employees and the company, not on any one employee’s own personal dental needs. An unrealistic situation arises when a patient wants their dentist to only provide treatment that their insurer will pay for, which is not always the most dependable, long-lasting solution for their particular dental problem.

As mentioned earlier, choosing a temporary or less appropriate solution will not last and can actually complicate things further. When you choose short term gain over long term solutions you can run into a situation where teeth are continually breaking down, costing you further grief and money.  If your choose a fix for one tooth when there are other teeth that will be compromised if not considered, then, again, you are creating future problems that will have to be attended to.

When your dentist recommends the best solution to your particular dental problem and it is not be a covered benefit under your dental plan, they are making their recommendations based on your health not your benefits.

A good dentist will determine the treatment that is in their patient’s best interests and recommend that treatment based on what your oral health requires. We understand that you must spend your money wisely and  judicially. We also know that you want your dental care done right the first time. At Your Smile Dental Care we want to help you obtain optimal oral health and will work with your dental insurance to benefit you as much as possible without hindering your long term goals.

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