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7. I want that smile…

Smile Evaluations

Open Laugh 2Have you ever brought a picture into your hairdresser’s to show them the style of cut you wanted? Just as there are hundreds of different hairstyles there are many shapes and sizes of teeth set into the jaw in all manner of configurations and states of health. And just as some styles work better on some faces than others or are designed for a particular thickness of hair, not all smile choices will work in all mouths.

When restoring teeth, dentists must consider, first and foremost, how healthy a person’s foundation is. If the structures of the mouth that support teeth are unhealthy and diseased then a dentist, in all good faith, cannot place new teeth upon a weak framework without addressing this problem first. The same goes for designing a person’s ideal dream smile. What may look good in one person’s mouth, may actually look strange in another’s. Your dentist should take the time to explain clearly to you what is and isn’t achievable in your mouth.

Dr. Sam Axelrod of Your Smile Dental Care says, “It is very important to help patients understand what can and cannot be done to restore their smile and function. Each person presents to us their own individual set of dental limitations and possibilities. Our goal is to create beautiful, healthy smiles using a customized treatment plan that is specific to their unique circumstances and creates esthetic harmony with their entire face.”


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