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5. Pulling the tooth will fix the problem once and for all!

It creates different problems…

Wisdom Teeth RecoveryPain is a great motivator! It’s immediate impact can distract us from making clear, well thought out decisions and sometimes, for the sake of relief, we choose an easy way out. Understanding the disease process and the relationship of teeth to one another is key to appreciating why the loss of even just a single tooth will compromise the health of the surrounding teeth, gums and bone.

Every tooth is essential and plays a significant role and the consequences of tooth loss are multifaceted and complex. Because the effects of tooth loss are not always immediate and their replacement involves a financial consideration, it is easy to ignore or delay your dentist’s recommendations. It’s usually not until you begin to see and feel the problems that missing teeth create that you also begin to realize the pain of regret.

See our blog on Dental Collapse for a more detailed explanation of the effects of missing teeth.

We live in a “quick fix” world, but the short term, patchwork dentistry you choose today will have to addressed sooner or later. The irony is,  that in the long run, most people end up paying considerably more in terms of further complications and higher dental costs for earlier, short-term solutions. Choosing a dentist that will work with you to come up with a realistic, long term solution is an important consideration. Understand that neglect is expensive – not dentistry.

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