The Patient Experience, Your Smile Dental Care

3. All dental work should be guaranteed

Most have limitations

You can build a beautiful, solid home, but without regular maintenance and repair and a solid foundation, it will eventually begin show signs of wear and breakdown. A new knee can give you a new outlook on life, but if you do not follow doctor’s orders, gain excess weight, injure the area, develop an infection, etc, the surgeon’s beautiful work can be 20-04-2015 4-59-41 PMcompromised. A sound treatment plan takes into account everything that will work with and against it. However, in the world of medicine, there are no guarantees and not everything is foreseeable nor predictable.

The successful outcome to treatment is dependant on so many things, not the least of which is patient compliance and their overall dental health. Things like poor oral hygiene, neglecting your checkups, not following instructions, illnesses, not wearing your night guard, misusing your teeth, injury and disease to supporting tissues can and will affect the workmanship in your mouth. Temporary restorations or choosing a course of treatment that was different or less appropriate than the one recommended will also compromise any guarantees available.

A good dentist will discuss your options with you so that you can weigh the information carefully and make an informed decision about your oral health care. They will stand behind the quality of their work under normal circumstances and discuss any long term prognosis before treatment. We cannot emphasize enough the importance of maintaining your regular re-care visits and cleanings. It is during these visits that your dentist can examine any prior restorative treatment as well as the structures in your mouth that support these restorations.

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