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10. It doesn’t feel the same….


04-05-2015 11-26-06 AMHave you ever had food stuck feeling under your gum or between your teeth and were surprised at how something so small can feel so large and irritating? How about that tiny canker that makes it feel like your whole mouth is sore. So, you can imagine how just the smallest change in size, shape or dimension of any tooth surface may take some time to getting use to.

One of the goals of fixing teeth is to restore them to function and health. Each tooth has a specific shape and size and they are designed to fit with and support one another throughout the dental arch and work together. Sometimes when you have had a number of teeth fixed, they suddenly do not quite feel the same way they did before the work was done. Veneers can make the lip feel protruded, dentures can feel large and make speech difficult and crowns can often feel tight. Small adjustments can sometimes be made, but aside from a “high bite situation, you may have to be patient while you are becoming comfortable and familiar with your new teeth.

09-12-2013 1-29-10 PM - Copy - CopyIf you have a situation where a couple of teeth are meeting before the rest of the teeth have a chance to bite then you may be experiencing a “high bite.” This is a common occurrence especially if you have just has a lot of filling done. It is important to understand that the new, white filling do not wear down on their own and must be readjusted by the dentist. Failure to do so will lead to discomfort, head and jaw aches, and perhaps fracturing of the tooth. A quick visit to your dentist for a bite adjustment will fix this.

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