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1. Don’t fix what doesn’t hurt

Sometimes, upon discovering a problem in the area of the mouth or tooth, we are met with the phrase, “But it doesn’t hurt.”

20150420_152032_resizedComplicating the fight to save teeth is the assumption many people have that if something doesn’t hurt it doesn’t need attention. If one were to use this logic in other parts of the body then our healthcare system would be filled with all kinds of patients in advanced stages of disease.

Our goal is to catch problems at their earliest stages to prevent further destruction which can become both complicated and costly fixes.

Our intraoral camera is one of those wonderful Superhero tools we mentioned earlier. It’s small enough to fit inside the mouth and capture images that would be normally be difficult to see with the naked eye. The ability to see what we see helps the patients to better understand the conditions of their mouth and the level of urgency present. This is a huge benefit to a patients who need this added diagnostic tool so that they can be better informed before moving forward with a solution to their problem.

Refusing to treat a problem just because it doesn’t hurt will not make the problem go away. It will, like most diseases or broken parts of the body, continue to progress and grow. Leaving a tooth until you begin to feel discomfort is never an advisable course of action. When you start to feel the pain associated with a decayed, cracked or infected tooth it is usually at a more advanced stage of breakdown and the restoration process can become more complicated. Generally, the more complicated and time-consuming the fix – the more costly it becomes.

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