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Seal out Tooth Decay

Finding it hard to help your child keep their teeth clean? One of the most common places where tooth decay develops in children is on the chewing surfaces of the back teeth. One way that you can help decrease the incidence of tooth decay in these hard-to-reach areas is the placement of Dental Pit and… Continue reading Seal out Tooth Decay


Caring for your Baby’s Teeth

Do you know what the #1 disease among children in this country is? You may be surprised to learn that it is tooth decay. It is a very serious problem and we believe that knowing how to care for your child's oral health when they are babies will help to prevent what is essentially a… Continue reading Caring for your Baby’s Teeth


What causes a Dry Socket?

Dry Socket A dry socket is healing complication that can occurs after a tooth has been removed by a dentist when the blot clot becomes dislodged or fails to form properly.   Normal Healing Process Normally, after the tooth has been removed a scab (blot clot) begins to form over the tooth socket. Over the… Continue reading What causes a Dry Socket?