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Pet Dental Health Month


February is National Pet Dental Health Month and while we may love their kisses, we don’t always love their breaths. There’s plenty you can do to keep your pets’ mouths clean and healthy between their dental check-ups and cleanings.

The following recommendations are from the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association:

Dental Health for your Pet:

488038_406660921. Feeding your pet a dry pet food is more effective than feeding moist foods in providing adequate chewing exercise, gum stimulation, and plaque removal.

2. Additional cleaning can be achieved by providing chewing exercises via dry chew treats, rawhide strips, and safe chew toys are designed to help remove plaque that can turn into hard-to-remove tartar.

3. Human toothpaste is toxic to pets! Brush your pet’s teeth several times a week with a toothpaste or liquid designed for them. Your veterinarian can demonstrate the correct method of brushing and recommend a brand for your pet.

4. Animal bones are not recommended for chewing because they can break teeth, damage the gums, or cause intestinal upsets.

5. A dental home care program should also include brushing of the gums.

6. If the practice is new for your pet, tooth brushing should be introduced slowly with only a few teeth at first and with no toothpaste. Gradually include more teeth and introduce toothpaste in very small amounts.

7. You can use a soft infant tooth brush or one designed specifically for pets. There are finger brushes that also available. They are rubber with small bristles at the tip that fit onto your fingers. You may find them easier to use than a traditional toothbrush. Alternatively, a soft cloth wrapped around the index finger can also be used for cleaning.

8. Make dental health a routine part of your pet’s health and home care program. Regular dental check-ups and cleanings at their vet’s office are important and is an opportunity to check for signs of dental problems before they become more complicated and costly.

For more information about pet care follow the link below to the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association.

2-3-2015 3-39-44 PM
Our pets give us so many reasons to SMILE so let’s remember their smiles this month and every day of the year!

Yours in Better Health,
The Your Smile Dental Care Team
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