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The Year of Your Smile

Are you planning a move forward this year?

We’ll the time is finally here! The month for changes and moving forward. The time of year where we all sign up for a new lease on life and embrace all things happy, healthy and prosperous.

At Your Smile Dental Care, we are ripe with hope. Someone, somewhere is standing in front of a mirror and thinking about….Flossing!

05-01-2015 4-22-01 PMOh yes, we did! Not even a week into the New Year and we’re already dropping that five letter word. Dentists are lucky to get their patients to brush 3 times a day, let alone floss! Unwilling to leave it at a good 2 minutes of good brushing the tops and sides of your tooth, we have the nerve to suggest that perhaps you should clean in between your teeth as well!

Actually, it’s one of the easier rules to remember moving forward this year because you have probably already heard it before: You only have to floss the teeth you want to keep! True Story!

All kidding aside, helping our patients find solutions to the dental issues that they have been ignoring or putting off until now is our passion! This is the time of year that we typically see more patients wanting to take control of their oral health or deciding to move forward with treatment that we may have recommended.

We also see more inspirational and motivational phrases popping up everywhere. They are inspiring and are filled with the message of hope. We are all looking for happiness and studies have shown that one place you can find happiness in on your face. The emotions you place upon your face influences your feelings, suggesting that your brain and your heart aren’t the only parts of our body playing a role in the emotions we feel. Facial expressions don’t only reflect emotion – they cause them!

Open Laugh 2Smiling and a sense of happiness go hand in hand. Smiling, even when you do not feel like it, has immediate effects. Try it right now. Smile a great big, happy smile for 5 minutes. You begin to feel a sense of happiness right away. This is because smiling sends all kinds of different signals to your body setting into motion a sequence of events that triggers the brain to release our “happy” hormones. If you couple your smile with a conscious feeling of gratitude, a sense of peace and calm may start to settle upon you.

Smiling does not even have to genuine to have a positive affect on your emotional well-being. Imagine how quickly a contrived smile can soon turn into a sincere one if practiced every day. Imagine your life next January. It seems like a small act, but one that can make a big difference in your life and life of those around you.

The studies involving the smile/emotion connection reminds us of a patient who, because of some dental surgery, could not smile for a few weeks. She reported to us that it was the inability to smile that affected her mood and not any of the discomfort she was feeling. We have also experienced first hand how our dental team’s smiles can help disarm fearful or hard to deal with patients. It never ceases to amaze us how much more relaxed and friendly a patient will become after a smile from one of our friendly staff.

Hidden Smile - CopyWe are also reminded every day of the many people who simply do not like to smile because of the way their teeth look. Some even use the habit of placing their hands up near their mouth in a cover-up gesture. Smiling for photos, laughing aloud or simply smiling spontaneously when happy becomes a dreadful task and one which they will go to great lengths to avoid.

Sad really, considering that there are so many remedies available today. Even small improvements to your smile can make a big difference in your appearance and how you feel about smiling. We can address a broad range of aesthetic flaws with our in-office Smile makeovers and turn a person’s frown upside down in as little as an hour.

There may be some that consider cosmetically altered smiles fake-looking and unnatural and would discourage another from choosing a smile makeover, but we have been told by so many patients how much their new smiles have changed their lives! Wonderful news like this cannot be dismissed. Who could pass up the chance to help make someone smile and possibly change their lives for the better? Take a look at our smile gallery to the right of this page. Real people with real smiles!

There are many people that have fake smile without having had dental improvements. We’ve all faked a smile. Some of us are masters at it. Not such a terrible thing in world with so much grief. Sadness will always find a way into our lives – it has it’s place. If smiling more, however, can make you feel happier and be contagious enough to affect change in others then let 2015 be the Year of the Smile…Your Smile!


Yours in Better Health,
The Your Smile Dental Care Team
(905) 5SMILES
(416) 783-3533

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