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The Sexy Six

All I want for Christmas is my….

Broken 21We welcomed a new patient last week who works in construction. He was having difficulty with a jackhammer that kept jamming on him. It eventually misfired unexpectedly and it hit him right in the mouth and his upper left front tooth broke off at the gum line. He was looking forward to attending his company’s Christmas party with his family and his wife wanted it repaired before this event.

We are pleased to say that he left with a very confident smile a short time later and we were happy to be a part of his holiday cheer!

We have the pleasure of helping many people get their teeth camera-ready for holidays and other important events all throughout the year. December is always a busy month for us as we help patients finish up their treatment before the end of the year and assist others looking to find smile solutions for the holiday season.

The “Sexy Six”

This got us thinking about a phrase we heard a few months back – “The Sexy Six”  Sexy SixIt is a reference to the upper front 6 teeth and the suggestion that some people are primarily concerned about the appearance of these teeth while concentrating less on the teeth that are not as visible when speaking or smiling.

In our experience, there is an element of truth to this as in the case of patients wanting to start treatment on their front teeth before other any teeth that may require more immediate attention. Unfortunately, sometimes a patient may decide not to continue treatment once their front teeth are taken care of. If left untreated, the cavities in the remaining teeth will spread and eventually cause pain and infection.

Sometimes, back teeth are left in such a state of disrepair that they must be removed. If they are not replaced with bridges, implants or partial dentures a person naturally uses their front teeth for biting and chewing their food. However, these smaller, single-rooted teeth are designed for cutting and biting into foods and the forces that go into chewing and grinding are too ex7-14-2014 8-59-39 AMcessive for these slender teeth. Eventually, these front teeth begin to breakdown and eventually become loose from the extra stresses brought to bear on them.

We do understand that the “sexy six” (or twelve, if you include the lower front teeth) are the first teeth that people will notice when you smile and we can appreciate why these may receive more of your consideration. We’re here to give you a reason to smile. At Your Smile Dental Care we work in consultation with you to develop a treatment plan and schedule that is agreeable and is in the best interest of your overall dental health and appearance.

Smile Solutions

We offer products and services to help you regain your smile and enjoy healthier teeth and gums! Dr. Axelrod will be happy to discuss your options with you. Our friendly staff is committed to personalized care and you will always be treated in a gentle and compassionate manner.

We certainly hope you will have lots to smile about this upcoming year and we are always happy to help you find the smile solutions you are looking for. And, although some accidents are avoidable, others are unforeseeable – like jackhammers!  We understand the urgency of some dental issues.  If you have a dental problem that needs immediate attention over the holidays, give us a call. Our emergency instructions are on our answering machine and we will assist you in finding the help you need.

09-08-2014 9-12-36 AM

Yours in Better Health,

The Your Smile Dental Care Team.

3 thoughts on “The Sexy Six”

  1. I am a shy person as i my teeth are imparted. I was thinking to get tooth implant done but i wasn’t sure of the procedure and its pros and cons until i came across this video where a patient from Australia shares her experience at Dentzz. As it is an expensive affair am still open for more options which may be available.


  2. I agree with what you said about making sure to fix all teeth not just the front 6. I never thought about how not being able to use your molars would break down the front teeth instead. It makes sense that if you can’t use the proper teeth for chewing, you would just use different teeth to eat.


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