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The Sexy Six

All I want for Christmas is my.... We welcomed a new patient last week who works in construction. He was having difficulty with a jackhammer that kept jamming on him. It eventually misfired unexpectedly and it hit him right in the mouth and his upper left front tooth broke off at the gum line. He… Continue reading The Sexy Six


Baby Teeth DO Matter

The Importance of Baby Teeth... Many people still believe the first set of teeth that children have really don't matter because they’ll eventually fall out some day and be replaced by more permanent ones. Well, that someday may be further in the future than you think! Have a look at the tooth chart below:   Notice,… Continue reading Baby Teeth DO Matter


Root Canal Recovery

What can I expect after a root canal? So, you survived the dreaded root canal procedure and were relieved that it was not the nightmare you had imagined!  Judging by the reactions of many of our patients, most are pleasantly surprised at just how routine the treatment is. Some patients are so relaxed they even… Continue reading Root Canal Recovery