Children, New Patients

First Dental Visit

When Should My Child's First Visit Be? Many parents ask us when the right time is to bring in their child for a first visit. The truth is, the answers varies depending on the situation, but we usually see children around the age of two when all of their baby teeth have emerged into the mouth.… Continue reading First Dental Visit


Wisdom Teeth Removal Recovery

Tips for a Speedy Recovery Wisdom teeth, or 3rd molars are the last teeth to develop, usually in the late teens or in early adulthood. Sometimes, our jaws are not always designed to accommodate 4 extra teeth at the back of the mouth. When there is inadequate spacing, these teeth remain trapped under the gum… Continue reading Wisdom Teeth Removal Recovery


Teeth Whitening Gift Certicates on Sale Now!

Teeth whitening is a great way to treat someone special! Gift certificates are now available by visiting one of our locations: Oshawa - 26 Gibbons Street (Bond & Gibbons) Toronto - 65 Viewmount Avenue (Bathurst & Glencarin)  (905) 5SMILES


Baby Dental Health during Pregnancy

How early should I begin dental care for my child? Would it surprise you to learn that dental care actually starts before pregnancy? As parents, we want what is best for our children and  we have a responsibility towards their teeth even before conception takes place. Early Preventive Care Most woman are already aware the their… Continue reading Baby Dental Health during Pregnancy