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Improving the Look of Healthy Teeth…

20-10-2014 1-09-38 PMWhen our patients first see their new dental veneers before placement they are surprised at how thin and delicate they appear. We often describe them as being similar to false fingernails.

They are very thin, aesthetically pleasing fabrications that are bonded into place to change the appearance of reality.

The tooth is prepared in such a way that a thin, custom-made porcelain veneer can be bonded on. The dental veneer fits on precisely and leaves only a very small gap for the composite resin cement. This cement is very similar to white filling material, and essentially, it bonds securely to the veneer and the facial side of the tooth fixing the dental veneer into place.

Veneers can be of any shape, size and colour and can be used to effect numerous changes in the appearance of the natural tooth. Once in place they look just like natural teeth – only better!

Below is a photo of one of our patients who had eight (8) porcelain veneers placed on her upper front teeth to create a fuller, younger look. 

Before and After

This patient presented with not only very crowded looking teeth with the upper lateral incisors tucked in behind the other teeth, but with a very narrow looking smile and a poorly restored broken lower incisor. Treatment consisted of at-home bleaching followed by the fabrication of a lower all porcelain, zirconium based crown and eight upper porcelain veneers to not only smooth off the crowded appearance, but also to achieve a wider looking smile. The metal fillings in the back were replaced with composite resin natural looking fillings. All this was accomplished in 2 appointments 1 week apart.

Why Veneers?

Dental veneers are a much more conservative option than dental crowns and a quicker option than braces that can take years of treatment.

If you have already spent too many years thinking about improving smile and boosting your confidence do yourself a favour and schedule a consult exam today. Choose a dentist who has had many years of experience not only with veneers, but with many forms of smile improvements that fall under what is commonly referred to as cosmetic dentistry.

Dr. Sam Axelrod has over 25 years of experience with porcelain veneers – long before most people ever heard of them. In fact, believe it or not, so new was this revolutionary idea that when we did our first case many years ago, we had to have them fabricated in California. Since then, we have helped hundreds of patients get the smile they have always wanted and deserved. Have a look at our Smile Gallery  for more great Smile Makeovers.

Yours In Better Health,

Your Smile Dental Care team


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1 thought on “Porcelain Veneers”

  1. My cousin has been battling a lot of problems with her teeth now. She is really insecure about her smile in school photos and social events. We have been trying to figure out a great solution for her. I think that getting veneers would be a really good idea. Especially since it gives the appearance of a healthy smile!


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