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Mouthwash and Germs

Last week we had a visit to our Oshawa Dental office from one of our dental suppliers, MariLou. She is always such an inspiration, and once again, she presented us with a wealth of information to help our Oshawa dentists and staff stay up-to-date on all the latest in the field of dental oral care for our patients.

As most of our patients know, we always have mouth rinse near the sinks in each of our dental care room as well as in our restrooms. We have always encouraged our patients to rinse and then freshen up with some mouth rinse before they leave after treatment. However, as our Listerine rep, MariLou introduced the idea of having patients rinse before their dental treatment.

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The benefit behind this idea is that, because some antimicrobial, therapeutic mouth rinses, like Listerine, kills up to 99.9% of the bacteria in your mouth, pre-rinsing will help reduce the amount of germs that can splatter from a patient’s mouth contaminating nearby equipment, surfaces and clothing. It is also thought that pre-rinsing and gargling will also help to eliminate most of the germs that are already present in your mouth that may enter into your body system through your blood or throat.

A safer and cleaner environment for our patients and staff…

Now, everyone knows that we take great care in disinfecting our care rooms in between patients. Although many of the surfaces in our treatment rooms are protected with barrier wrap and we use only the best disinfectants on the market, if the studies are correct and this idea really does eliminate most of the of tiny droplets of germs that become airborne then this is how we are going to roll from now on.

We always like to be ahead of the game when it comes to great ideas that soon become industry standards. If you would like to find our more information about this new preventative measure you can follow the links below:

  1. National Center for Biotechnology Information Study 
  2. Centres for Disease Control and Prevention

24-03-2014 3-16-19 PM - Copy

This Winter and All Year Long….

We don’t stop caring about you when you leave our office. In between visits  your wellbeing is important to us, so, in consideration of the upcoming winter season and all of the associated illnesses that accompany this time of year, we thought that the suggestion to rinse and gargle with an antiseptic mouth rinse was a good idea.

Germs live everywhere in the mouth, but did you know that your teeth only make up 25% of the oral cavity? In order to help get all of your mouth clean we recommend that you rinse and gargle for 30 seconds once a day. Doing so would be just one more thing you can do to help reduce your chances of becoming sick this winter.

We know you try hard to brush and floss 2-3 times without having to add another 30 seconds to your routine, but if rinsing with an antibacterial mouth wash is as effective as all the studies say it is, then it is seconds worth adding. But remember, an effective mouth rinse is intended to be a supplement to, not a replacement for, daily tooth brushing and flossing.

There are many different types of mouth rinses on the market – each with their own specific goal. Make 18-10-2014 8-47-27 AMsure that you choose a product that is recognised by the Canadian Dental Association and is a antibacterial, therapeutic mouthwash with essential oils that help penetrate plaque. Also, to avoid cross-contamination, never drink directly from the mouth rinse bottle. Use the lid of the bottle to pour the amount of rinse needed into a separate cup – usually about 20ml/4tsp. Use this portion to rinse/gargle with.

Ensuring that our office is a safe and clean environment for our patients and staff is important to us. We hope that you will be happy to embrace this new infection control measure. Smelling your sweet breath will just be a little added bonus for us….

Until next week – Be well,
The Your Smile Dental Care Team

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8 thoughts on “Mouthwash and Germs”

  1. It is interesting to learn how much mouthwash helps as an antibacterial. Usually I thought it was just a breath freshener and a shield coating against food and stains. I did not know it also stops germs from spreading.


  2. Mouthwash is actually more important than you would think. It really takes care of the bacteria and germs that get between our teeth that are really hard to get rid of. It also helps with gum health too.


  3. It is really helpful to know that mouthwash helps to protect against bacteria and other germs. Every day I try to brush and floss to make sure that my teeth are clean, but it would be good to also use mouthwash to get rid of the germs. It sounds like this is not only good for your mouth, but also good when you go to the dentist, because it helps to keep the office clean and the tools from being contaminated. I will definitely try to work on adding this to my routine before I go back to the dentist. Thanks for the great post!


  4. It is good to know that mouthwash can help so much with getting rid of bacteria in your mouth. I am sure that at a dentist office, equipment and surfaces are really prone to getting a lot of germs on them. It would probably be good for everyone to start using good mouthwash more often to help prevent the spread of germs. I will probably have my kids start using some so that we not only help to get rid of germs, but also so that we make sure the germs don’t make them sick either. Thanks for the great post!


  5. Indeed! I could not agree more to the data presented. Having regular mouthwash is very important. It may seem to be a simple action, yet it performs great it protecting our teeth from germs.


  6. I had dentures made recently and went back for them to be adjusted on a wed. by Fri. i was feeling like I was getting sick and on Sun. I knew I had caught something, went to Dr on the next Wed. and he thought it was some kind of virus so in turn gave me an antibiotic and cough syrup prescription. My husband and I are retired and are never apart wherever I go he goes except he never went into the dentist with me he always stayed in car and waited so after one week of my being sick he catches same sickness as I have we both have been so weak and fatigued with major head congestion, cough and not enough strength to even sit up we both have slept most of the time. I am now after a total of 10 days starting to feel better but not totally over it I feel like I contracted it from the tools Dr. used to grind on my denture because I know he could not have disinfected the tools and they just rinsed off denture and stuck them back in my mouth.


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