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The Most Dreaded Question…

How often do you floss?

Why do we even ask the question when the answer is all over your teeth … er gums?

Even the most honest of people make a slight hesitation before answering. You have to be very quick minded indeed to answer without hesitation – even if you do floss.I don't always floss

By now, everyone has seen the meme with the guy saying, “I don’t always floss, but when I do it’s just before a visit to the dentist.” It is funny probably because most people can relate.

We don’t nag or threaten our patients when it comes to flossing. All we can do is educate our patients on it’s merits and hope that we are able to convince a few that flossing will add years to your dentition.

Sometimes, a few converted souls become like converted smokers ~ Flossing champions challenging others to adopt this healthy lifestyle. However, nothing convinces people better than asking them to take the floss challenge.

What is the floss challenge you say?

Well, it is no less shocking than the other challenges on the internet… the Cinnamon challenge, the Ice bucket Challenge. Our aim is to shock and our challenge is quite convincing.

The Challenge:

1. Spend 5 minutes brushing your teeth. Go ahead. Rinse and load up your toothbrush a few times if you have to. Just keep brushing them until you think your teeth and gums are squeaky clean.

2. Now rinse your mouth with water, or better yet, some mouthwash. Go on! Give it a good rinse!

3. Now take a piece of floss or a floss wand (one of our patients call these things a Floss Banjo lol) and clean between back molars and a few of your lower front teeth. (Instruction on how to floss here)

4. Take the floss out of your mouth and smell it.

What did you see? Smell?

Are you surprised that there was still some plaque considering all of the brushing you just did? And what about the08-09-2014 10-02-10 AM smell of that plaque?

In the absence of any other proof, what you just retrieved from between your teeth and under your gums should convince you enough that flossing is an essential part of homecare routine.

Flossing is just like any other new skill, there’s a learning curve and to be mastered it must be practiced. The first month will be a series of endless awkward starts and stops as you learn to manipulate the floss in your mouth. Eventually, you will find yourself becoming better and better at it.

You will notice that your gums are bleeding less and that they are beginning to look more pink and less puffy.

07-09-2014 10-38-47 AM


I heard a quote once that said that trying to start to floss is like trying to quit smoking. What if I told you that if you tried it for one month your homecare routine will begin to feel unfinished without the flossing step? That if, practiced faithfully, you will experience flossing withdrawal if you go even a few days without doing it? True!

We don’t have shares in a flossing manufacturer just a sincere interest in the health of our patients. We want all of our patients to be able to look us straight in the eye and answer the flossing question confidently without having to lie through their teeth.

07-09-2014 10-45-53 AM

Your in Better Health,
The Your Smile Dental Team



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Enjoy your Food!

Our love affair with food…

watermelon-dive-641528-mWhen it comes to seasonal satisfaction we all have our barometers. Even though we promised not to say anything negative about this summer (given the terribly long and cold winter we had), most of us have been disappointed with the amount of wind and rain we’ve had so far.

Last week a patient of ours told us that one way she judges her summer is by how good the corn on the cob was that season. We had to laugh at the truth of this statement because there are some seasonal foods that we all look forward to. One bad crop doesn’t only translate into higher food prices, it can also leave a produce tasting inferior and that is always a disappointment.

Another disappointment is when the foods we love are not compatible with our present dental conditions. As we age teeth can shift and gum pockets can form making some foods more difficult to enjoy. We then begin to omit them from our diet or make adjustments to how we eat them.

Going back to the corn story, one of our staff members passes judgment on the summer based on her experience with the corn that season also. She has a vivid memory of her denture-wearing father having to cut the corn off of it’s cob with a knife before eating it. She felt sorry for him since, to her, biting into the cob was almost as enjoyable as the corn-615988-mtaste and separating the two greatly diminished the experience.  So immense was her love of corn on the cob that  watching this ritual of her father’s play out again and again each summer made her vow that she would keep her teeth forever.

Cute story, but there are some things in life that we love and cherish. Their loss greatly affects our enjoyment and quality of life. If you do not necessarily place any value on your experience with food nor have had any past difficulties with biting and chewing  then it would be difficult to relate to just how important an issue this can be for others.

Many people cannot enjoy a simple meal, let alone a favourite food item, and that can translate into a health issue. Nutritional deficiencies can be problematic amongst people with eating complications. Food traps in the mouth can cause the accumulation and impaction of food debris around the teeth and under the gum line and dental issues can eventually develop. You would never know just how important good chewing function is until you have suffered it’s impairment.

Not all Teeth are Created Equal

Anterior teeth are not designed to function as molars, but often that’s just exactly what people with missing molars use them for. Eventually, these slender, single-rooted teeth begin to breakdown also. We’ve blogged about the dental solutions that are available for those suffering from complications that can occur in the mouth and teeth, but only when you have had an insufferable situation remedied would you ever be able to appreciate just how valuable stable teeth can be.

Restoring your ability to eat means more than just restoring teeth –  it means restoring and improving your quality of life. Whether you are looking for a remedy to a minor problem or have a more complicated dental issue the professional team at Your Smile Dental Care  have been helping patients find solutions for their dental dilemmas for over 30 years.

If you would like to schedule a consultation or are just looking for an experienced 2nd opinion we will be happy to provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision about your oral healthcare needs.

Yours in better dental health,

The Your Smile Dental Care Team