Swimmers Beware

Do you belong to a competitive swimming league?
Do you spend more than 6 hours a week swimming laps in a pool?

swimmers-725332-mIf so, you could be at risk of developing a condition known as “Swimmer’s Calculus.”  This is a yellowish-brown or dark-brown staining that commonly forms on the teeth of competitive swimmers due to the amount of time they spend in the water, although, we have seen it form on people who enjoy recreational swimming also.

Repetitive exposure of the teeth to large amounts of chemically treated pool water causes an unsightly, dark stain to form in the tooth plaque, especially on the front teeth.

No Need to Worry…

Making sure that this plaque is removed from your teeth prior to swimming will reduce the incidence of staining. However, if you already have this staining, there’s no need to worry – it is not permanent! It is easily removed by your dentist or hygienist. And if, after you have had a thorough cleaning, you find that your teeth are still not as white as you would like, there are whitening options available.

It’s also important to know that frequent exposure of the teeth to chemically treated water can also cause erosion (softening) of enamel. Be sure to monitor the pH levels in your pool water closely and ensure that the water isn’t allowed too acidic.

If you have discolored teeth as a result of swimming or for any other reason, please see us for an assessment. We will try to get to the source of the problem, and advise you further.

Yours in Better Health,

Your Smile Dental Care Team

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