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Danergous Dental Trends

I’m not sure how recent the pic was, but last week I saw a photo of Katy Parry with a dental grill plastered across her upper front teeth. Before that it was Madonna. Once a fashion statement amongst singers of a certain genre to express wealth, I actually thought these mouth05-05-2014 5-22-57 PM grills had lost K Perrypopularity. Now it seems to be the accessory of choice for a lot of celebrities. I’m not quite sure this time what they are trying to express nor what the attraction is, but the irony is that they may damage the very smiles they are trying to adorn and the treating dentist will earn some bling of his own!

All of this got me thinking about trends in general. What’s trending. Who’s trending.  What trend is coming and what trend is going. As a dentist with over 30 years of experience and a member of the ten thousand hour rule – 3 times over – I feel that I can comment confidently on the trends that involve dentistry, and, in doing so, hopefully bring you a behind the scenes glimpse from my perspective

“I came in like a wrecking ball”

05-05-2014 5-12-43 PMThese words in Miley Cyrus’s song, “Wrecking Ball” seem appropriate when we discuss the popular trend of mouth jewelry, not only because she sports a mouthful of gold herself, but simply because, as dentists,  we see first hand how oral jewellery can cause extensive damage to the teeth, destroy gum/bone tissue and  break existing fillings and other dental work.

Dental grills have only been around for only a short time, but  dentists are seeing the consequences of long term over use such as bad breath, the wearing away of enamel and gum tissue, and the accumulation of bacterial plaque/food. Oral piercings, no matter where you place them, can open you up to a whole array of dental issues and infections. We’ve seen a number of patients who have had chipped teeth, irreversible gum recession and fillings break. Sometimes, the frustrating thing about repairing teeth broken by mouth jewellery is when the same damages happen repeatedly with no hope of convincing the patient to remove the principle cause.

We also understand that the piercing and grill craze is popular and people are passionate about their expressions, but this is not a fashion statement we can, in all good conscious, recommend – simply because we are on the front lines in terms of trying to restore the destructive nature of this trend.

The Smile Business

All of this brings us around to the subject of cosmetic enhancements to teeth.  Humans have been decorating their smiles for thousands of years. Gold and gemstones have been found in many skeletal remains. Dentists have been at the forefront of decorating mouths for decades. So, why would we be concerned people wanting a some tooth bling?

While we will not argue that how one decorates their smile – simple or ornate – is largely a matter of taste and preference, the concern arises when a product is used by the wearer that impacts their health. A dentist takes into consideration the preservation of the other surfaces and structures of the mouth when they suggest a dental modification or restoration for the teeth. Health care standards, sterility, safety and the overall well being and health of the patient is paramount during the decision making process, the treatment phase and post-care.

We hope that alarm bells will go off in people’s minds before they consider
purchasing an  inexpensive do-it-yourself grill kit online or from local jewelers.

Some time back Top Fashion model Tara Banks advised a contestant on America’s Next Top model to see a dentist to widen her already gap-tooth which would then, presumably, enhance her modeling opportunities. This advise was alarming to dentists worldwide to say the least and it saddens me to think this woman’s dental and psychological health may have unnecessarily been put in jeopardy.

A smile is a personal thing, but not every smile is as fashion forward or as health conscious as others. As with most passing trends, the words moderation and restraint come to mind. At Your Smile Dental Care we look for practical strategies that consider the demands of looking great and the long-term health consequences often resulting from those demands.

We believe that real beauty comes from within, but being in the “Smile Business” we’ve created many beautiful new smiles over the years and we’ve seen a lot of trends come and go. We’d like to think of ourselves as fashion forward when it comes to embracing new technologies that will enhance our patient’s experiences, appearance and overall health.

While we probably won’t be suggesting the sparkle of a grill any time soon, we have a number of dazzlingly options available for our patients. We utilize all the latest advances in cosmetic dentistry to achieve a final look that harmonizes with your total dental health. If you would like more information on your smile options please call us to schedule a consultation today and you could be on your way to a beautiful new smile … because you deserve it!

Meanwhile, why don’t you check out our you tube video on Veneers or follow this link to our Dental channel.



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Do baby teeth need fillings?

Cavities in Baby Teeth

Why does my child’s baby teeth need to be filled when they are just going to fall out anyways?

This is a very legitimate question considering that, yes, baby teeth will eventually be replaced by some of the permanent teeth. It is understandable why some parents feel that it is unnecessary to “fix” them.

Baby teeth are there for a reason. We call these first set of teeth “primary teeth” and they are important for eating, formation of speech and for saving the space that will eventually be occupied by the permanent teeth.

The treatment options for repairing primary teeth depends largely upon when we expect the arrival of the permanent tooth. If you take a look at the chart below, there can be quite a few years before the permanent teeth emerge into the mouth. Primary teeth are smaller than permanent teeth. A cavity will get bigger, deeper and cause pain and eventually infection long before it will be replaced by it’s permanent successor.

Can’t you just pull the tooth?

Yes, we can when we are left with no alternative. If it becomes necessary to remove a tooth before it’s time we have to consider that the adjacent teeth will start to move into this new, vacant space. This smaller space makes it difficult for the permanent tooth to fit in properly.  To prevent this, a dental appliance has to be made and cemented to these adjacent teeth to keep them from infringing upon this valuable space open.

Eruption Chart YSDC

Tooth Decay is Preventable!

In Canada, 57% of children aged 6 – 11 have decayed, missing or filled teeth.  This number increases for adolescents to 59%.  Recent surveys indicate that toothaches are one of the leading causes of school absences and is the most common childhood disease worldwide.

The Difference We Make….

It is difficult for eating, sleeping or learning to take place when a child is in pain. This is why we are big on prevention at Your Smile Dental Care.  Tooth decay is a disease that is wholly preventable.  Ideally, your child’s first dental visit should be around the age of  2 when they have all of their baby teeth present, however, we invite you to learn as much as you can about this preventable disease long before your child’s first teeth arrive. We never discourage parents from bringing their children into our office when they are attending their own appointments. We believe that children who are familiar with our office and staff learn at an early age to develop positive attitudes about dentistry. Being able to enjoy themselves in the playroom while their parent is in treatment and leaving with a treasure from the toy box is an added bonus to their visits.

If this sounds like the kind of dental practice that you would like for your family, give us a call today at (905) 5SMILES or come in for a tour. We will be happy to show you around and answer any questions you may have. For a sneak peek of our office visit our you tube video HERE.

Meanwhile, we urge you to read the articles below to learn how to help your child have a cavity-free childhood.

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How to Pack a Healthy Lunch

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Active Maintenance

The dentistry we prefer to do is preventative dentistry – minor maintenance like patient education, routine check-ups and cleanings, sealants, and early stage treatments and infections.

06-05-2014 9-56-15 AMYour mechanic would rather you come in when you first feel your transmission slipping. Your doctor would prefer you not ignore that tenderness in your kidney area and your tax person is there to help you lower your overall tax burden and would like to see you at the first sign of trouble.

One cannot emphasize enough the importance of early detection in keeping your subsequent treatment to a minimum. Sometimes, a patient has not been able to attend regular re-care visits and the extent of their decay or infection makes the prognosis of treatment more guarded or complicated.

We’re presuming that you like having teeth and want to keep them for as long as you can. And while you may have to “skip” a visit now and again, your regular check-up and cleaning appointment are essential in helping you keep your teeth for a lifetime. Today, dental disease is almost entirely preventable and your oral health is just as important as the health of the rest of your body.

At Your Smile Dental Care we are not here to lecture you – to guilt trip you for not flossing, not coming in, or having a mouth full of cavities. Although we may need to suggest a better home care plan for you, we believe in moving forward. Giving you some hope and providing you with a healthy attitude is progress and every step in the right direction is a step towards a lifetime of good dental health.

We care about our patients and treat them like family which is why we would love it if our patient’s had perfect check-ups and no cavities nor any other follow-up treatment.  This is why so many of our patients come to us by way of recommendations from their family or friends. We sincerely appreciate the confidence that our loyal patients show us in this regard and look forward to providing the same level of quality care to our new patients.

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