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Let Us Put a Smile on your Child’s Face!

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We had a wonderful visit a few weeks ago with one of our very busy families who came in for their dental check-ups. We enjoy when families come in to visit.  It’s like a big get together and there’s always so much to catch up on.

It was a Kodak moment when their 14 month old got to have his first ride in the dental chair. He was more than just a willing participant; we were pleasantly surprised when he was ready to open wide before we even asked!  It was fabulous to see the encouragement his older siblings gave him on his first dental visit.

Fear is a natural reaction to something unfamiliar, but it doesn’t have to be.

Some of our smiling patients!

Some of our smiling patients!

Kudos to parents who help us do our jobs!

While it is easy to unknowingly transfer our own fears to our kids, you help us immensely when you inspire in your children responsible and positive attitudes towards their dental well-being. It is always wonderful for us to see just how comfortable and trusting children can be at the dental office.  To know that there are so many children in our practice that have never experienced the fear that is commonly associated with dentistry gives us a tremendous sense of gratification and it inspires us to continue striving to do a great job.

We think all children should have the same positive attitude towards their dental visits and starting with a good program early on in life will help ensure that your child’s teeth will last a lifetime!

What a “First Visit” should be like….

24-03-2014 4-35-21 PMWe are all parents here and we know kids like to have fun.  We think your child’s first visit should be a positive experience, so at Your Smile Dental Care we offer a “Child’s First Visit Tour.”  During this time, your child will have the opportunity to meet some members of our dental team and enjoy a ‘chair ride’, look in the dental mirror, and even play with the water squirter all in an informal and relaxed manner. And, by all means, don’t forget to have your camera ready to record forever this precious Kodak moment.

If this sounds like the ideal “first visit to the dentist” to you give us a call us today. Together we can make your child’s first visit a positive one!

24-03-2014 5-05-04 PMCheck out our “Child’s First Visit” video below:


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