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Of COURSE we notice other people’s teeth!

Canadian Bobsledder Corey Sorenson taking out his Sportsguard after his Olympic accident.
Canadian Bobsledder Corey Sorenson taking out his Sports guard after his Olympic accident.

It was a horrific moment. We all watched helplessly as the Canadian bobsled 3 team careened out of control; trapped as their heads bobbed against the wall of ice. Then came the collective sigh of relief when they emerged from their sled. As the world was busy processing the aftermath, we couldn’t help but notice the protective sports guard that was dangling from Cody Sorensen’s mouth.

It’s a “dental thing.”  We can’t help it. What may go undetected to most people stares us in the face like a glaring neon light, daring us to take notice.

There’s no escaping it, not even while relaxing to enjoy a movie. Dentures on older celebrities, new crowns for Tom Cruise, veneers on George Clooney or invisible braces on Faith Hill – we see it all, secretly analyzing the “work” done. We’re guessing that this phenomenon is pretty basic with most  occupations. Much like a bricklayer scrutinizing the stonework on an archway or a fashion designer examining the cut of someone’s outfit, we can’t help but inspect another’s handiwork.

Thank you for the Shout Out…

A few years back a patient came to us to have her old, upper front bridgework replaced with a gorgeous new smile. While in line for a seat at the Astoria Restaurant during the Taste of the Danforth week, a nearby gentleman asked her who had done her teeth. She recovered from her initial shock only after the man introduced himself as a dentist and they proceeded to discuss her beautiful smile. To have someone notice your teeth is one thing – to have another dentist admire the artwork is a testament to the our quality of our work here at Your Smile Dental Care and we were honoured to say the least.

If you’ve ever noticed someone else’s teeth, chances are they have also noticed yours!

We’ve all seen the crews that scour neighbourhoods spotting instantly the homes in need of repair. To them the situation is obvious, but to the homeowner sometimes there’s a level of complacency that develops amid conditions that would likely cause anxiety to others. They are aware of their home’s deteriorating situation, but with other concerns demanding their immediate attention or finances complicating matters further, some repairs just have to wait.

We find that the same is often true of teeth that are in need of attention. Some people are literally worrying, fretting, and laying awake at night thinking about their teeth! Time, fear, finances, procrastination, apathy! These are all the most common obstacles keeping you from the radiant smile you have always dreamed of.

Getting a quote and discussing what would be involved is a good place to start. In doing so, you will be able to get a better understanding of the treatment and alternative options available and be advised if there are any serious implications of refusing or delaying treatment. At Your Smile Dental Care we will work with you to review treatment alternatives and provide a cost estimate for the treatment we recommend.

Whether treatment is simple and straight forward or more complex, arranging a consultation with a dentist is the first step to a healthier you. Dental disease spreads and will not resolve itself. Attending to dental problems before they become more complex is important because the cost of prevention is always far less than the cost of neglect.

We wonder if the chiropractors in the clinic next to us get to enjoy lounging on the beach in the summer or are they too busy checking out everyone’s alignment?  Just wondering….

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