Dr. Gary Gales

Dr. Gales

It is with pleasant memories and deep sadness that we take this time to look back on the life of Dr. Gary Gales, who passed away on January 15, 2014.

Gary’s love for helping people and his “hands on “approach led him to a dental career.  While at the University of Toronto Faculty of Dentistry, he was very involved in student life and served as the yearbook editor amongst many other roles.  With a long and distinguished career that spanned over 45 years, Gary’s friendship and attention to the needs of his patients ensured him the loyalty of many dear patients and this was very precious to him.

Aside from the wonderful career he enjoyed as a dentist, Gary was also an avid outdoorsman and builder. With a flair for “getting his hands dirty” he was very involved in building homes, not only for his own family, but eventually for his children also.  Not satisfied with store bought furniture, many of the furnishings were “Gary-built” as well.  Over the years, he built two boats for his family and helped numerous people with projects around their homes and cottages.

His desire to help others, brought him into the inner circle of the Jay-Cees.  As one of the Senior Officers (he held many posts) he travelled with a contingent to South Africa and met with Bishop Tutu.  In the later years, he became involved as a director of the Durham Regions Children’s Aid Society where he helped initiate a project to provide financial assistance to client children seeking higher education. Today, this program is assisting many disadvantaged kids through University grants and Apprenticeships.

In the past few years, he became involved with Oxford College in the Dental Hygienist program as a teacher and mentor to the students.

On a personal note, as a member of our staff, we had always enjoyed Gary’s humility, good humour and pleasantness.  He had many very loyal and dear patients who share in our grief. Gary will be fondly remembered as a caring man, always ready to lend a helping hand. His healing touch, literally and figuratively, helped thousands over the years and he will be missed by all.

Gary leaves behind sons, Dale, Darren and daughter Julie.  Grandchildren Justeen, Carling, Dylan and Jack.

In Fond Memory,
Dr. Sam Axelrod and Staff

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