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Of COURSE we notice other people’s teeth!

Canadian Bobsledder Corey Sorenson taking out his Sportsguard after his Olympic accident.

Canadian Bobsledder Corey Sorenson taking out his Sports guard after his Olympic accident.

It was a horrific moment. We all watched helplessly as the Canadian bobsled 3 team careened out of control; trapped as their heads bobbed against the wall of ice. Then came the collective sigh of relief when they emerged from their sled. As the world was busy processing the aftermath, we couldn’t help but notice the protective sports guard that was dangling from Cody Sorensen’s mouth.

It’s a “dental thing.”  We can’t help it. What may go undetected to most people stares us in the face like a glaring neon light, daring us to take notice.

There’s no escaping it, not even while relaxing to enjoy a movie. Dentures on older celebrities, new crowns for Tom Cruise, veneers on George Clooney or invisible braces on Faith Hill – we see it all, secretly analyzing the “work” done. We’re guessing that this phenomenon is pretty basic with most  occupations. Much like a bricklayer scrutinizing the stonework on an archway or a fashion designer examining the cut of someone’s outfit, we can’t help but inspect another’s handiwork.

Thank you for the Shout Out…

A few years back a patient came to us to have her old, upper front bridgework replaced with a gorgeous new smile. While in line for a seat at the Astoria Restaurant during the Taste of the Danforth week, a nearby gentleman asked her who had done her teeth. She recovered from her initial shock only after the man introduced himself as a dentist and they proceeded to discuss her beautiful smile. To have someone notice your teeth is one thing – to have another dentist admire the artwork is a testament to the our quality of our work here at Your Smile Dental Care and we were honoured to say the least.

If you’ve ever noticed someone else’s teeth, chances are they have also noticed yours!

We’ve all seen the crews that scour neighbourhoods spotting instantly the homes in need of repair. To them the situation is obvious, but to the homeowner sometimes there’s a level of complacency that develops amid conditions that would likely cause anxiety to others. They are aware of their home’s deteriorating situation, but with other concerns demanding their immediate attention or finances complicating matters further, some repairs just have to wait.

We find that the same is often true of teeth that are in need of attention. Some people are literally worrying, fretting, and laying awake at night thinking about their teeth! Time, fear, finances, procrastination, apathy! These are all the most common obstacles keeping you from the radiant smile you have always dreamed of.

Getting a quote and discussing what would be involved is a good place to start. In doing so, you will be able to get a better understanding of the treatment and alternative options available and be advised if there are any serious implications of refusing or delaying treatment. At Your Smile Dental Care we will work with you to review treatment alternatives and provide a cost estimate for the treatment we recommend.

Whether treatment is simple and straight forward or more complex, arranging a consultation with a dentist is the first step to a healthier you. Dental disease spreads and will not resolve itself. Attending to dental problems before they become more complex is important because the cost of prevention is always far less than the cost of neglect.

We wonder if the chiropractors in the clinic next to us get to enjoy lounging on the beach in the summer or are they too busy checking out everyone’s alignment?  Just wondering….

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Dr. Sam Axelrod & the Your Smile Dental Team
Oshawa (905) 576-4537
Toronto (416) 783-3533

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Here Comes the Day…


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You may not even realize it, but the wedding season is well under way!  Since January, vendors have been busy showcasing their products and services at Bridal Shows across the province and the snow and frigid temperatures did nothing to dampen the spirits of the brides, grooms and guests attending these events.31-03-2014 1-51-58 PM

Planning the perfect wedding or any special event is important and a great deal of time is spent attending to every last detail to ensure a memorable day for everyone. If you are preparing for a milestone occasion this year no doubt the clock has already started the countdown on all of the hundreds of  items to check off your to-do-list.

One thing you will certainly be doing a lot of on your special day is smiling – something everyone is sure to notice!

If you are thinking that, among your grooming must-dos, your teeth are also in need of attention before the big day understanding the time frame that will be needed to attend to this matter could help you avoid the rush and disappointment that often accompanies last minute decisions.

Teeth Whitening

 Bridal SmileIf your teeth look lifeless and dull in colour, maybe all they need is a little pick me up. The quickest and easiest way to brighten your smile is with teeth whitening. Of course, the darker or more discoloured your teeth are the more help they may need. We recommend that you begin a few months before your event then you can supplement this process using a touch-up-kit a few days before the actual date arrives. It is also important to remember that existing dental work such as tooth-colored fillings, crowns, bonding, veneers, and bridges do not lighten and may need to be replaced.

There is a phrase that we use in dentistry – “If you’re not whitening you’re yellowing.” Be conscious of your food and beverage choices leading up to your special day to keep your teeth looking white and bright. The worst offenders are coffee, tea, red wine, soda pops, dark-coloured fruit juices, and of course, smoking.

A word of caution…
There are many at home whitening procedures that are suggested online. Some of the so-called “natural” methods use materials that are very abrasive or highly acidic and can actually damage your enamel and strip your teeth of their natural sheen permanently.

Restoring Your Teeth

In an ideal world, you will have already had a thorough dental exam and cleaning at least a year before your event giving you enough time for any follow-up care that is needed. While no one can ensure that you will not run into any dental emergencies, regular check-ups will help identify any dental health issues before they become larger. Broken, cracked or chipped teeth can usually be fixed in one visit depending on the level of severity, while replacing missing teeth may require a longer time frame. Unless you have an accident, toothaches are usually a long time in the making and often indicate a much deeper problem. Don’t wait until you have a toothache to see us

Smile Makeover

If, however, you would like to change or correct your teeth, a variety of smile makeover options are available to suit your individual needs. Changing your teeth’s shape and alignment doYour Smile - Copyes not always require the need for braces since porcelain veneers are now a popular choice for crooked teeth. For minor changes to the shape and size of your teeth a procedure called re-contouring can be done much like the way in which you would file your nails – just a little off here and there until a more pleasing look is accomplished.

Again, a quick exam will help us determine when treatment should begin so that your smile is ready on time and you can start practicing your smile pose early!

Bad Breath

The only way you’ll know for sure if you suffer from bad breath is to ask someone you know will tell you the truth. Of course, bad breath from food choices can usually be a simple fix while ongoing, persistent mouth odour may be an indication of a much larger dental health issue.

Remember, there are many dental options to help make you make the most of your moment in the spotlight, but give yourself some leeway for any changes you may want to make or even to just give your mouth some time to become accustomed to a new cosmetic procedure. The art of a great looking smile does not happen overnight. Your unique smile should given the attention it deserves and the time it takes to consider any “specific to you” issues.

Congratulations to all of our patients and their families who will be celebrating a special occasion this year! Let us know if we can be of any help along the way and if you really want to shine in a photo be sure to smile with your eyes as well as your mouth!

Wishing you and your family a Happy Family Day!

Dr. Sam Axelrod & the Your Smile Dental Team
Oshawa (905) 576-4537
Toronto (416) 783-3533

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Cosmetic Dentistry Smile Makeovers in Oshawa


More than ever, adults are seeking cosmetic options for their smiles. We are living longer and we are certainly not the generation of adults who expect to be wearing dentures by age 50. Because patient education is readily available, people are developing a better understanding of their treatment options and know that it is easier than ever to get that vibrant smile they have always wanted.

One of the biggest thrills we get around here at Your Smile Dental Care is after a patient has had a dental makeover. To see them go from hiding their teeth to grinning ear to ear leaves such an impression on us that we have literally been brought to tears by the emotion of it all. Many of our patients at who have previously been self-conscious about the look of their teeth also undergo a very emotional experience when they first see their new, beautiful smile. The transformation in their self-confidence  and appearance is amazing and they become what every dentist loves to see – a happy, smiling patient!

A smile makeover can be a life changing event for a person who has always avoided smiling. That boost in confidence is evident as we watch a patient begin to share their new smile immediately. Having fun, laughing aloud and those special Kodak moments shouldn’t be a constant source of embarrassment and we are happy to be a part of this new found confidence.


For the past 30 years,  Your Smile Dental Care has focused on enhancing the smiles of our clientele of all ages. From simply whitening your smile to a full cosmetic or implant reconstruction, our team of trained professionals will work with you to plan then create the optimal result. We utilize all the latest advances in cosmetic dentistry to achieve a final look that harmonizes with your total dental health.

If you would like more information on your smile options please call us to schedule a consultation today and you could be on your way to a beautiful new smile … because you deserve it!

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Dr. Gary Gales

Dr. Gales

It is with pleasant memories and deep sadness that we take this time to look back on the life of Dr. Gary Gales, who passed away on January 15, 2014.

Gary’s love for helping people and his “hands on “approach led him to a dental career.  While at the University of Toronto Faculty of Dentistry, he was very involved in student life and served as the yearbook editor amongst many other roles.  With a long and distinguished career that spanned over 45 years, Gary’s friendship and attention to the needs of his patients ensured him the loyalty of many dear patients and this was very precious to him.

Aside from the wonderful career he enjoyed as a dentist, Gary was also an avid outdoorsman and builder. With a flair for “getting his hands dirty” he was very involved in building homes, not only for his own family, but eventually for his children also.  Not satisfied with store bought furniture, many of the furnishings were “Gary-built” as well.  Over the years, he built two boats for his family and helped numerous people with projects around their homes and cottages.

His desire to help others, brought him into the inner circle of the Jay-Cees.  As one of the Senior Officers (he held many posts) he travelled with a contingent to South Africa and met with Bishop Tutu.  In the later years, he became involved as a director of the Durham Regions Children’s Aid Society where he helped initiate a project to provide financial assistance to client children seeking higher education. Today, this program is assisting many disadvantaged kids through University grants and Apprenticeships.

In the past few years, he became involved with Oxford College in the Dental Hygienist program as a teacher and mentor to the students.

On a personal note, as a member of our staff, we had always enjoyed Gary’s humility, good humour and pleasantness.  He had many very loyal and dear patients who share in our grief. Gary will be fondly remembered as a caring man, always ready to lend a helping hand. His healing touch, literally and figuratively, helped thousands over the years and he will be missed by all.

Gary leaves behind sons, Dale, Darren and daughter Julie.  Grandchildren Justeen, Carling, Dylan and Jack.

In Fond Memory,
Dr. Sam Axelrod and Staff