Winter is not only a season; it is a state of mind.

We remember a few years back when one of our patients told us about a family who were not only new to Canada, but would also soon be new to snow. While most of us were reluctantly gearing up for the first snowfall, this family was eagerly awaiting its arrival.

Still, like most of us, they must have been caught off-guard when, after enjoying a record-breaking, snowless, November that year, they were met with that bone-chilling, windy weather the second week of December. Imagine what the reaction is of many newcomers to snow this winter! It’s possible some are already saving up their money to return home.

Be what it may, winter is the one time of year that affords us the luxury of settling down to hibernate and spend more time with our family.  It is a much needed interruption into our busy lives as its bitter winds whip us homeward to thaw in warm comforts. Despite the hectic rush of December, it’s difficult to deny that winter is truly a blessing and soon the time will begin to feel as though it is passing slowly. In Canada, the respite from the other seasons is the true beauty of this grand design!

YSDC Sensitive teeth

Although some of us find it refreshingly cool, crisp, and invigorating
winter air isn’t enjoyed by everyone.

For some people, cold air can cause more than just bone chilling shivers, it can trigger sharp pains in the teeth as well.  Even snuggling up to the steaming comfort of a hot cup of cocoa is a pleasure denied to many. While we all, on occasion, may experience temporary sensitivity in our teeth after eating or drinking something cold, it is important not to ignore the signs of a dental related problem.

If the pain you are experiencing tends to linger for a while after eating or keeps you from enjoying your favourite foods, we are here to help determine the extent of your problem and help bring you some relief.  Whether it’s just suggesting certain toothpaste, a proper brushing technique, or replacing an old filling, we can help identify the cause of this type of pain before it becomes more severe.  The Canadian Dental Association has a great website where you can get information on a wide range of dental related topics. Visit their website  using the link below:


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