Investing in the Future

Saving your Bite – One Tooth at a Time

Looking back, it is absolutely amazing that only a generation ago, people thought that tooth loss and dentures were an inevitable part of aging. In this day of prevention, our Team at Your Smile Dental Care do all that we can to avoid tooth loss and the impact it can have on dental health. With modern advances in dental technology, it’s not often we find a tooth we can’t save.

Although we can now restore teeth that even twenty years ago might have seemed untreatable, now and again we encounter a situation that necessitates the removal of a tooth.

Our teeth really do take a beating. We put them through all manner of abuse, so it is not surprising that some teeth do not last a life time. In dentistry, we are literally on the front lines of this battle to keep teeth. When a patient comes to us with a tooth that is so broken down that we can’t treat it, we feel badly that they did not come to see our dentists sooner. Early detection and intervention of tooth disease is critical and we cannot help but feel saddened when we are faced with the prospect of having to pull out something as personally important as one’s teeth.

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Thankfully, all  is not lost!

At Your Smile Dental Care, our experience, expertise and care come together to keep you smiling with satisfaction using the latest techniques in dental implants. Titanium posts implanted into the jawbone are used to replace one or more missing teeth. They are inserted into the jaw eventually fusing and becoming one with the bone. From there any number of dental appliances can be attached giving you the feel of real teeth and a secure solution to loose-fitting dentures.

Dental implants are well becoming the wisest choice in replacing missing teeth considering the long term benefits that come from having secure, functional, and attractive teeth. They have an impressive long term success rate and have become the new standard of care in replacing missing teeth. When considering your investment options for the future – dental implants are an investment in which the returns can be enjoyed for a lifetime!

With over 30 years of clinical success, Dr. Axelrod’s patients continue to enjoy this long lasting solution for missing teeth.

Your Smile - CopyGet a new, improved smile sooner than you think!

If you are missing one or more teeth and would like to smile, speak and enjoy food again with comfort and confidence,
call us today at:

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