Winter is not only a season; it is a state of mind.

We remember a few years back when one of our patients told us about a family who were not only new to Canada, but would also soon be new to snow. While most of us were reluctantly gearing up for the first snowfall, this family was eagerly awaiting its arrival. Still, like most of us,… Continue reading Winter is not only a season; it is a state of mind.


Don’t Be Left in the Dark!

Last month's black out left many of us scrambling around the house in the dark looking for candles, propane, extra blankets and a number of other supplies that we all should have on hand. Some people were surprised to learn that they would have to go through their home insurance for issues one would understandably… Continue reading Don’t Be Left in the Dark!


Investing in the Future

Saving your Bite - One Tooth at a Time Looking back, it is absolutely amazing that only a generation ago, people thought that tooth loss and dentures were an inevitable part of aging. In this day of prevention, our Team at Your Smile Dental Care do all that we can to avoid tooth loss and… Continue reading Investing in the Future


2014: Find your happy!

Eat better, lose weight, join a gym, quit smoking..... This is the time of year people usually turn their thoughts towards new plans for the new year. Setting goals by way of a new year resolution helps us plan our course of action for the upcoming year. I suppose there's something about a new year… Continue reading 2014: Find your happy!