Emergency Dental Care: If You’re In Pain, Don’t Wait‎

Are You Prepared?

As if this time of year isn’t hectic enough without having to deal with power outages and damages to personal property from falling trees, branches and ice. It’s difficult to be prepared for the unexpected. We immediately begin wondering what we could have done differently, or in the case of damage, will our insurance pay for anything. Best Dentist in Oshawa

A short drive around any neighbourhood in the GTA will give you a glimpse of both the beauty and brawn of an ice storm. Icicle-laden trees that turn the landscape into a magical, winter wonderland on one street then a savage scene of tree carnage and it’s collateral damage on another.

Dr. Sam's backyard ice rink
Dr. Sam’s backyard ice rink

Nobody plans for a tree to fall on their car during a storm or the power to suddenly disappear while baking holiday goodies. Last week, one of our dental assistants was paying close attention to Environment Canada’s warning about this storm and expected there to be some loss of power. Although her family stocked up on groceries and water then took inventory of their emergency supplies, they waited a day too late to bring their generator home from their cottage. They were stranded without power like everyone else. Too little, too late – despite their best intentions.  Root Canal Oshawa

So, how does one ensure that they know all the risks and better prepare for emergencies? The internet is chalk-full of emergency preparedness guides. Public Safety Canada has a great website to help keep your family out of harm’s way at http://www.getprepared.gc.ca. There’s no better time than now, while this present crisis is upon us, to start thinking ahead.

At Your Smile Dental Care we believe that a little bit of foresight and an ounce of prevention can go a long way in avoiding emergencies of a dental nature. Although a dental emergency can happen anywhere, at any time, it seems that dentists are especially busy during the holiday times throughout the year.

And while a toothache or broken filling is sure to occur late at night, over the weekend or during holidays and vacation time, regular preventative dental care every six months is still  the best way to diagnose and treat dental issues before they become emergency situations. In most cases, a toothache doesn’t happen over night – it is usually a long time in the making. Our goal is to detect dental problems when they are small and simple to fix.

Being prepared for the holidays also means being wise about food choices. If you have a particular tooth that you know is weak, it’s difficult to avoid using it while chewing. All it takes is contact with a hard food item at the right angle and you’ve got yourself a dental emergency. If you have not been able to arrange a dental visit before the festivities begin then try your best to forgo the crunchy raw veggies, and the hard candies and nuts until you can arrange an appointment.

The Ontario Dental Association also has a great website that you can use as your guide to dental emergencies. Click on the link below: 26-12-2013 5-18-16 PM

As 2013 comes to a close we would like to thank our patients for choosing Your Smile Dental Care for you and your family’s dental care. We look forward to another wonderful year together!


 Dr. Sam Axelrod & Associates

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