Smile Makeovers

YOUR SMILE says a lot about you….

Your smile is one of your most important facial features and can make a lasting impression!

Over the years we have created many beautiful new smiles. One patient in particular made a lasting impression on us. And,  although she has long since retired and moved back to her beloved country, her story reminds us of how important first impressions are!

This patient had recently lost her upper management job due to downsizing, but with the help of her vast network of friends and colleagues she quickly landed several job interviews. Equipped with  years of  experience, she was confident that she possessed the skills employers were looking for and was certain she would have no trouble securing a job offer. She was surprised, however, to be still jobless 4 months later!

Interestingly enough, this patient was also attending to a matter she had been wanting to do for years – making her dream smile a reality!  Her first visit to us was for a smile correction consultation. After being the first dental office in Oshawa to show her an after makeover simulation photo of what her teeth could look like with a few simple cosmetic dental procedures, she was convinced more than ever to begin her smile makeover. During her first dental appointment , she began discussing her recent job situation – or lack thereof!  As she confidently listed off her job skills and past experiences, we realized that she was overlooking the very thing that brought her to us in the first place – her smile!

Hiding your smile
Hiding your smile?

She rarely smiled and when she did she had a habit of placing her right index finger over her lips in a “shhh!” manner. Now, as dentists, we see this hand over the mouth gesture from time to time and most always in patients who are ashamed of their broken down or misaligned teeth. The habit becomes such a natural reaction that a person may not even realize they are doing it. Some people even grow moustaches to hide their teeth – not a option for women – not even in Movember!

A smile that needs some improvement should never dissuade an employer from hiring the most suitable candidate for a position. However, not smiling or hiding your smile with hand gestures may convince a potential employer that you lack the self esteem to handle the pressures of a job.  And few, if any employers, will admit that good dental aesthetics is often a mandatory requirement in an occupation that is regarded as prestigious or where an employee will likely represent the “face” of their company.

A down-to-earth, genuine smile is never so important as when you are trying to create a positive first impression during a job interview. We all know that an attractive smile is a great social asset and enhances a person’s facial features, but it can also increase your business opportunities as well. A strong, confident smile can empower you.

Smile with Confidence!
Smile with Confidence!

We are fortunate at Your Smile Dental Care to see renewal and rejuvenation all throughout the year. You don’t have to wait until you are in the limelight to give your smile new life.

Call us to arrange a cosmetic consultation appointment where you can share your dreams of a new smile with us. From whitening to veneers to implants, we are here to help you smile with confidence again. Let us show you how easy it can be to create a gorgeous, comfortable smile.

Call us today at:
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We believe that real beauty comes from within, but being in the “Smile Business” we wonder how important do YOU think a person’s smile is? Can it make or break that all-important first impression? Share your comment below!

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