Your Smile can be Out of this World!

One of our long term patients, Matt Hughes, recently broke a 28 year old Canadian record at this year’s World Track and Field Championships in Moscow and upon learning that he was featured in a popular running magazine we just had to get ourselves down to the local mall and pick ourselves up a copy or two. While strolling through the bookstore we noticed, among the glittery holiday displays, an  area dedicated to astronaut Commander Chris Hadfield’s inspiring new book.

Although his feet are planted firmly on Earth again, Canada’s very own Chris Hadfield became an social media sensation during his recent mission aboard the International Space Station. His online posts on popular sites such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube became legendary and earthlings began following him in droves. At the time of this post he has almost a million followers from all over the globe on Twitter alone.

He offered us a behind the scene look of his experience aboard the ISS in an informative and entertaining manner and in doing so also captured the hearts of the world. From creating the first music video in space to paying tribute to Boston after the marathon with a touching  photo from space of the city in mourning, Cmdr. Hadfield reached out to the people of earth and captivated us with his charming ways.

So, imagine how pleased we were at Your Smile Dental Care to come across a couple of dental-related posts. It’s hard to find a dentist in space so, how do astronauts keep their pearly whites clean while living in zero gravity? Watch the clip below to find out:

During a the change-of-command ceremony Hadfield told the outgoing station commander, ‘Thank you very much for giving me the keys to the family car. We’re going to put some miles on it, but we’ll bring it back in good shape.’

And that’s how we feel about your teeth at Your Smile Dental Care. Dr. Sam Axelrod and our team of caring professionals want you to know that over your lifetime you will put a lot of miles on your teeth and we hope we can help you keep them in good shape!  While doing so, we invite you to follow us for a behind the scenes look at who we are and what we love to do everyday – Create Beautiful Smiles!

Chris’s stunning space photos captivated us and made us fall in love with our beautiful planet all over again. It reminded us all of the important role we play as caretakers of the Earth. He continues to inspire us in his new book as he writes about how we can turn the impossible into reality.

We make beautiful smiles a reality at Your Smile Dental Care.  And while we can only dream of having the multitude of followers that Chris Hadfield has, we too dream of helping people become efficient caretakers of one of their most important facial features, and in doing so, help them fall in love all over again – with their smiles!

Your Smile can be….Out of this World!

Dr. Sam Axelrod and the Your Smile Dental Team

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